Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Recent Additions to the Archives (November 2021)

 Australian Soccer Weekly Archive

1983: February 22 July 5 August 16, 23, 30 September 6, 13, 20, 27 October 4, 11 November 1

1986: February 4 (incomplete), 11 (incomplete), 18, 25 March 4 (incomplete), 11, 18, 25 April 8, 15 May 20, 27

1988: January 20 February 10 (incomplete) September 14, 21, 28 October 5, 12, 19, 26

1991: September 10

Thanks to Greg Stock

Australian Soccer Weekly Compilations

ASW Victorian Pages 1988

ASW NYL Pages 1988

ASW National Indoor Soccer League Pages 1987-88

ASW National Indoor Soccer League Pages 1988-89

National Team Programmes Archive


Estonia v Australia 1997

Thanks to Greg Werner

National League Programmes Archive

1999-00 Perth Glory v Northern Spirit

Magazines Archive

Illawarra Soccer Weekly - Issue 4 1998

Thanks to Travis Faulks

Articles Archive

Fil Bottalico - Australian Soccer Weekly - September 10, 1991

Tony Dorigo - Soccer Stars - September 1993

Frank Haffey - Australian Soccer Weekly - October 26, 1988

Joe Marston - Australian Soccer Weekly - February 10, 1988

Yearbooks & Annuals Archive

A-League Men Season Guide 2021-22

Thanks to Andrew Howe

Dimitri Peppas Documents

South Australian Football Honours as of 2021

Thanks to Dimitri Peppas

The Doug Butcher Booklets Archive has been updated with a brief bio.

Friday, 29 October 2021

Recent Additions to the Archives (October 2021)

Added to the blog this month:

Australian Soccer Weekly Archive


All issues - starting February 3 to the final of the season on November 11


August 10, 17, 24 & 31 and September 7

All thanks to Greg Stock

Australian Soccer Weekly Compilations

Victorian Pages 1987

National Youth League Pages 1987

National Team Programmes Archive

New Zealand v Australia - June 13, 1979

Australia Under 16's v New South Wales Under 18's - July 1, 1987

National League Programmes

2002-03 Adelaide City v Perth Glory, Adelaide City v Parramatta Power, Adelaide City v Olympic Sharks

2002-03 Finals - Adelaide City v Northern Spirit

All thanks to Luca Cetta

Yearbooks & Annuals Archive

FNSW Yearbooks 2015 2016 2017 2018

National Federation Documents Archive

AWSA High Performance Programme 1997-2000

AWSA Newsletter - The Far Post - March 1991

AWSA Newsletter - Outside The Box - October-December 1998

Australian Team Media Guide - Women's World Cup - Germany 2011

All thanks to Shaun Andrew Jones

Articles Archive

Brian Davidson - The Australian Standardbred - June 1993

Frank Farina - Inside Sport - February 2000

Harry Kewell - 10 Best Footballers In Britain - Match of the Day Magazine - October 2000

Joe Marston - Australian Soccer Weekly - November 11, 1987

Robbie Slater - FHM - November 1999

Socceroos 1974 - Ralph - July 1998

Socceroos v Argentina 1988 - Ralph - March 2001

Amy Taylor - Ralph - March 2001

Mark Viduka - Ralph - March 2001

Vardar Skopje Australian Tour - Australian Soccer Weekly - February 3, 1987

Monday, 6 September 2021

Recent Additions to the Archives (September 2021)

Another housekeeping post.

New to the blog this month:

Australian & British Soccer Weekly

March 16, 1982

April 20, 1982 (added 08/09/21)

May 4, 1982 (added 09/09/21)

May 11, 1982 (added 11/09/21)

June 15, 1982 (added 16/09/21)

July 20, 1982 (added 16/09/21)

February 24, 1988 (added 21/09/21)

March 2, 1988 (added 21/09/21)

March 9, 1988 (added 21/09/21)

March 16, 1988 (added 21/09/21)

March 23, 1988 (added 22/09/21)

March 30, 1988 (added 22/09/21)

April 6, 1988 (added 22/09/21)

April 13, 1988 (added 22/09/21)

April 20, 1988 (added 23/09/21)

April 27, 1988 (added 25/09/21)

May 4, 1988 (added 26/09/21)

May 11, 1988 (added 26/09/21)

May 18, 1988 (added 26/09/21)

May 25, 1988 (added 26/09/21)

June 1, 1988 (added 30/09/21)

June 15, 1988 (added 30/09/21)

June 22, 1988 (added 30/09/21)

June 29, 1988 (added 30/09/21)

July 6, 1988 INCOMPLETE (added 30/09/21)

July 13, 1988 (added 30/09/21)

July 20, 1988 (added 30/09/21)

July 27, 1988 (added 30/09/21)

August 3, 1988 (added 30/09/21)

January 21, 1991 INCOMPLETE (added 17/09/21)

January 28, 1991 INCOMPLETE (added 19/09/21)

February 25, 1991 (added 19/09/21)

August 13, 1991 (added 20/09/21)

March 4, 1993

November 15, 1993 (added 08/09/21)

December 21, 1993 (added 09/09/21)

All thanks to Greg Stock


May 17, 1989 missing p.5 added 16/09/21

Australian Soccer Weekly Compilations

National Youth League Pages 1981 (added 16/09/21)

National Youth League Pages 1982 (added 16/09/21)

Soccer News (Victoria)

June 9, 1966

Thanks to Damian Vojtek via Tony Persoglia

National League Programmes

1998-99 Northern Spirit v Perth Glory

1998-99 Sydney Olympic v Wollongong City (added 21/09/21)

Thanks to Greg Stock

Soccer Action Compilations

Dockerty Cup Finals

National Youth League pages 1985 (added 11/09/21)

National Youth League pages 1986 (added 11/09/21)

Goal! Weekly Compilations

Roy Hay - Blast From The Past columns

Thanks to Tony Persoglia


VPL Grand Final 1996 - Australian & British Soccer Weekly match report (added 11/09/21)


Illawarra Football Association Presentation Night Programme 2010 (added 16/09/21)

Thanks to Travis Faulks


Illawarra Soccer Weekly 1998 Issue 2

Thanks to Travis Faulks

Links that had become dead restored:

Australian Soccer Weekly:

July 23, 1991 

August 20, 1991

September 3, 1991

Soccer Action:

February 11, 1976

February 25, 1976

March 17, 1976

July 21, 1976

February 15, 1978

February 7, 1979

July 11, 1979

February 6, 1980

February 13, 1980

February 23, 1982

January 29, 1986

February 5, 1986

February 19, 1986

February 26, 1986

April 9, 1987

Soccer News:

May 2, 1959

May 16, 1959

May 23, 1959

April 25, 1974

VSF Yearbook 1972

Saturday, 28 August 2021

Compiling Compilations

Now it is looking that through the work of Greg Stock and Greg Werner we may one day have the full set of Australian Soccer Weekly (later Australian & British Soccer Weekly) available in the archives one day, I've commenced work on making compilation files of various segments of the paper. Here's a little tutorial for anyone else that may be interested in doing the same.

Obviously a large collection like a full run of a newspaper contains a massive amount of data. The reason I'm making compilations is that some of this data related to specific competitions is not available elsewhere on the internet. The compilations may be later used to assist in addressing that. 

The compilations I'm working on are National Youth League pages, National Indoor Soccer League pages and pages on local Victorian soccer post the demise of Soccer Action. There are many other topics though, that some may want to make compilations of. Perhaps a fan of a particular NSL or state league club may want to compile a file with just the match reports of that club's matches. Or like I want to do, maybe people in other states would like a single document with the weekly page for their state or area on it. You may want to have all the women's football pages in one place etc etc.

The main website I use is https://www.ilovepdf.com/

To start, what you do is click on Split PDF then upload a issue of the paper you want to take pages from.


Once it is uploaded, you can select which pages you want to remove.

You can split multiple pages, so if the stuff you want is on pages 3, 4 and 5 you set that as your range and you will end up with a single file with those three pages on it. You can select multiple ranges from the one upload.

Once you have your pages split, you need to rejoin them. Simply select the Merge PDF option and upload all your split pages, line them up in the order you want them by dragging around the pages, then click on the big red Merge PDF button.

Once you have your new compilation, you may want to compress it a little and I Love PDF lets you do that as well. There is another website I do that with is well, and it's one that may be required prior to splitting some newspapers and magazines.

I Love PDF is free, but to a limit of files of a size of 100mb or less. https://tools.pdf24.org/ lets you compress files that are larger than that, which may be required for some of the newspapers in our archives. 

Select a file to upload, then wait for that to happen. It may take a while. Once the loading bar indicator is fully black, it will show you the file and it's existing size. Then you can click on the compress button.

The site compresses them a lot quicker than it takes to upload, but unlike I Love PDF does not download it's work automatically, so once the file has been compressed you will need to click on the download button.

Once that is done, you will have a compilation of pages in a manageable file size. 

As I've said, the options for making compilations are enormous. You may want to make one of player profiles only, one of a particular columnists' work (Johnny Warren, Tommy Anderson, Knut Werner), or one of national team match reports. If anyone makes a compilation which they'd like to share with others, get in touch and you can do that by having it added to the archives on this site.  

As always, click on images to enlarge.

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

Recent Additions to the Archives (August 2021)

To make it easier for people to see what's been added to the various archives on the blog, I'll be posting Recent Additions to the Archives posts like this every once in a while. For this one, which I've included to include (August 2021) in the title, I'll edit the post to include anything else that gets added during the month. These have come from scans by Greg Stock, so thanks again Greg.

Australian Soccer Weekly Archive


April 1

October 7

October 14

October 21 (added 11/08/21)

October 28 (added 11/08/21)

November 4 (added 12/08/21)


October 19 (cover added to the previously incomplete version)


February 14 (added 26/08/21)

July 17 (added 29/08/21)

July 24 (added 29/08/21)

July 31 (added 24/08/21)

August 28 (added 28/08/21)

September 4 (added 29/08/21)

September 25 (added 27/08/21)

October 9 (added 27/08/21)


February 19 (missing pages added, file compressed 17/08/21)

February 26 (added 16/08/21)


April 1 (added 23/08/21)

April 22 (added 12/08/21)

April 29 (added 13/08/21)

May 6 (added 15/08/21)

May 13 (added 15/08/21)

July 29

August 5 (added 17/08/21)

August 12 (added 18/08/21)

August 19 (added 19/08/21)

August 26 (added 19/08/21)


August 12 (added 21/08/21)


January 27 (added 21/08/21)

February 3 (added 23/08/21)

June 2

November 2 (added 21/08/21)


February 2 (added 29/08/21)

September 20 (added 24/08/21)


April 11

April 18

May 2


March 1 (added 26/08/21)

March 8 (added 31/08/21)

March 11 (added 30/08/21)

June 10 (added 25/08/21)

Australian & British Soccer Weekly Compilations

National Youth League pages - 1984 (added 29/08/21)

National Youth League pages - 1989 (added 29/08/21)

Victorian Soccer Pages - 1989 (added 29/08/21)

Victorian Soccer Pages - 1990

National Indoor Soccer League - 1989 (added 25/08/21)

Soccer Action Compilations

National Youth League pages - 1984 (added 29/08/21)

National League Programmes

Northern Spirit v Adelaide City 1998-99 (added 31/08/21)

I'm a couple of missing issues away from being able to complete ASW compilations for the 1989 National Indoor Soccer League season, as well as the 1989-90 National Youth League season. The compilations I would like to finish cover the three categories - Victorian (State/Premier League) Pages, National Youth League Pages and (James Hardie) National Indoor Soccer League Pages.

Google Drive doesn't have any stats so I have no idea what content has been viewed or downloaded, which would have been nice to know. If there are people out there downloading libraries I thought this may help alert them to new content.

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

Blog (Activity) Suspended

A couple of months ago I decided to retire from spending around 20 hours a week on adding to the archives contained on this blog, for a variety of reasons. 

I'd decided not to bother going to the State Library to compile newspaper compilations and do research when they reopened after yet another lockdown. I was a little dirty on them being so slow to reopen that section of the library. I had a finishing line in mind for what I noted I would be seeking in my last blog post, and it was constantly moving away from me. After the best part of a couple of years under lockdown and restrictions, sitting in libraries and on computers all the time does not seem like a liberating freedom. Neither did finding boxes of stuff to scan.

I had spent a lot of time on the computer, either scanning or creating pdfs from jpgs, joining emailed pdfs, searching for items via the Wayback Machine, most of it with a football game from somewhere being streamed and cast onto the television alongside it. What I'd noticed was that the games had become mere background noise. If I missed a goal because I was working on something, sometimes I would not even bother to catch it on the replay, so little was I invested it the match.

This was brought into sharper focus when I watched the premiere of the Optus Sport Football Belongs documentary. With many using it to argue for or against the regular political issues in the game, or the sport's place in the Australian landscape in general, I was more drawn to the glimpses of club life that I missed. The moments that reminded me of when I really felt the passion, and every kick did matter. With my two clubs now gone, and not having another one in me, those moments are gone forever.  

I'm happy enough to keep adding the contributions emailed to me by the network established over the years - great people like Paul Mavroudis, Greg Stock, George Cotsanis, Greg Werner, Peter Rowney, Graeme McGinty, Travis Faulks, Laurence Hall, Tony Persoglia, Doug Butcher, Warrick Ford and Ian Syson.

Every once in a while I may put up a list of what they have sent me and what's been added to the archives, because that will still be ticking along for a while yet. I won't be tweeting out a link to every item added as I add them, so that may be needed to keep some up to date with where to find new items.

The blog was down for a few hours yesterday after I received this email from Blogger/Google.

                                                  Click on image to enlarge

I found the link to appeal, and the site was restored. I think the issue may have come from the advertising spam posted in the comments sections of posts and pages, so I have disabled commenting for now and spent a few hours catching up on removing comments relating to football tips, sports streams, call girls, drugs and supplements and a lot of stuff in Turkish and some Asian alphabets I didn't understand.  

This scare has made me even more wary of spending too much more time actively working towards expanding it further, given so many hours of work could one day very easily disappear with nothing to show for it.

Monday, 3 May 2021

The Sporting Globe and Other Compilations

Another housekeeping post, about new additions to the archives that some people may have missed if the don't follow me, or use, Twitter.

I have added yearly compilations of the soccer pages in The Sporting Globe from 1955-1969. This covers the period from when the paper's coverage on Trove ends (1954) to when the amount of Sunday games, and the paper shedding more and more sports to focus mainly on racing and Aussie Rules football, sees the game's coverage decline (1970's). This archive now has it's own dedicated page here.

Another archive with it's own dedicated page now is the Neue Welt compilations archive. Again, this is a yearly compilation of local soccer pages. Neue Welt was a German-Australian publication, and the content is in German, mostly written by Fritz Schwab, father of future The Age and Soccer Action journalist Laurie Schwab. The Neue Welt archive can be found here.

Also new is an archive of Junior Roo, Il Globo's junior soccer supplement. It can be found here.

At this stage yearly Il Globo compilations are housed in the History Documents page, but they will get their own page when a few more are added. This content is in Italian, unlike the Junior Roo supplements which are in English.

Also new to the History Documents page, but with a view to getting it's own page once more compilations are, err, compiled is the Sunday Observer compilation for 1977.

I will probably end up doing Neue Welt compilations for it's entire run on the SLV microfilms. With Junior Roo the microfilms end at 1994, then I will start working back until it commences, adding the Il Globo local soccer pages along the way. Not sure how far I'll get with the Sunday Observer, a lot of distractions going through that newspaper.