Sunday, 24 April 2022

Latest Additions, Folder Download Links & Closing the Archives

The latest additions to the archive are:

Yearbooks and Annuals

New South Wales Soccer Annual 1929 (thanks to Graeme McGinty)

New South wales Soccer Annual 1930 (thanks to Graeme McGinty)

St George Association Handbook 1924 (thanks to Graeme McGinty)

Illawarra Handbook 1922 (thanks to Graeme McGinty)


Queensland Soccer News - June 26, 1958 (thanks to Graeme McGinty)

Soccer News - June 22, 1957 - improved version (thanks to Graeme McGinty) 

Doug Butcher Booklets

Australia's International Association Football Results 1970-1979


1938 Queensland v New South Wales (thanks to Greg Stock)

1968 Olympic Park Record June 15-16 (thanks to Graeme McGinty)

2009 Northern Tigers v Sydney FC (thanks to Doug Butcher)

National Team Programmes

1992 U.S.A. v Australia (thanks to Graeme McGinty)

2016 England v Australia (thanks to Warrick Ford)

Download them quickly, because on May 9, 2022 I will be cancelling my Google Drive subscription rendering most of the links on the archives useless and pretty much closing them down. 

Having to deal with the security updates by Google last year requiring around half of the links on the blog needing to be re-done really drained my enthusiasm for maintaining the blog. When more links were made useless by the security updates after that, a request for support from them went unanswered and after four months the only thing I heard from them was the email alerting me that the annual subscription is due on May 10. 

To allow for anyone who wants to do bulk downloads while they can, here are links (all post-security update) to the various folders I have stored most of the files in:  


ABSW Collection

ACT/Canberra Yearbooks

Albury Yearbooks


Aussie Soccer Magazine

Australian Football Weekly

Bendigo Yearbooks


Canberra Soccer News

Club Histories

Club Magazines

Club Newsletters

Club Yearbooks

Doug Butcher Books


Go Soccer

Goal Magazine

Goal! Weekly Collection

Hatrick Hero

History of Soccer in New South Wales Files

Il Globo Compilations

Illawarra Mercury Weekly Football Features

Illawarra Soccer News

Inside Soccer

Junior Roo

Leopold Method

Letterheads Archive

Media Guides


National Soccer Monthly

National Yearbooks

Neue Welt Compilations

Newspaper Soccer Pages

Northern Soccer News

New South Wales Documents

New South Wales Yearbooks

Olympic Park Records

Planet Soccer Weekly


Queensland Federation Documents

Queensland Soccer News

Queensland Yearbooks

Round Ball

SASF Soccer Review

Shoot! Australia

Simply Soccer

Soccer Action

Soccer Australia Magazine

Soccer News Collection

Soccer Scene

Soccer Star

Soccer Today

Soccer Voice

Soccer Week

Soccer Weekly News

Soccer World

South Australian Yearbooks

Sunday Observer Compilations

Sunday Press Compilations

Super Soccer

Tasmanian Soccer News

Tasmanian Yearbooks

The Farr Post

The Soccer News

The Soccer Weekly

The South Australian Soccer News

The Sporting Globe Compilations

Victorian Federation Documents

Victorian Yearbooks

Western Australian Yearbooks

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