Monday, 8 February 2016

Not Quite Dead Yet

but my former computer is, hence the lack of recent posts. Sadly, some research was lost with it, and getting back into the swing of things has been made difficult with several other obstacles placed in the way.

One of which was moving house, and then finding out there are suburbs in modern Melbourne which cannot get proper internet. Worse still is having companies which spend millions in advertising pretty much hang up on you when you ask about what they can offer in such areas. This has made restoring the lost ground that much harder.

On the positive side, it's allowed me the chance to re-organise my various collections. Back to one hand taking away what the other has given, sharing them has become an issue with my scanner and vhs to dvd converter being old technology which refuse to work with the new computer.

Normal service will resume some day, probably when the local season begins and I get to a few games around my new surrounds. As for YouTube uploads, that will have to wait for whenever the NBN finally comes to town.