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Marconi-Fairfield Records and Statistics

Soccer World 1969   (Results, statistics and Melbourne pages only)

Soccer World 1970   (Results, statistics and Melbourne pages only)

Soccer World 1971   (Results, statistics and Melbourne pages only)

Soccer World 1972   (Results, statistics and Melbourne pages only)

Soccer World 1973   (Results, statistics and Melbourne pages only)

Club History Booklets

Eastern Lions 40th Anniversary

Langwarrin 50th Anniversary

Moorabbin City 50th Anniversary

Richmond Alemannia 50th Anniversary

Ringwood City 50th Anniversary


1971 Victorian State League Fixture Card


  1. This is so interesting!

  2. Soccer Scene, June 1971 added today.

  3. 2 issues of Soccer Action from the 1980's added today.

  4. All new Magazine Articles section added to History Documents.

  5. This is a great resource Mark. Congratulations! I'm in the process of collating a historical database for New South Wales State League from the very beginning in the 1880's. You're right - there's so little out there insofar as 'official' material is concerned. I went to the State Library and scanned the first 20 years of Soccer World newspapers, but the quality is nowhere near what you're providing.

  6. Thanks Nikola. Having read Jack Pollard's Soccer Records I would have thought the resources to cover NSWSL do exist somewhere, as the record keeping was well ahead of that in Victoria.

  7. Hi Marc, I provided the Tom Wall documents if you want to borrow anything let me know