Sunday, 9 October 2016

Updating the Video Archive

I've been able to upload a couple of full Socceroos games to Youtube, from the 1995 series against Colombia. I have a backlog of videos to upload, as well as a backlog of VHS tapes to convert to MPEG/DVD.

I've also added links to Youtube channels other than my own to expand on the archive. Those channels can be viewed here:

I will seek out more links to flesh out the archive in the next few weeks, and in the near future will be uploading a few more videos myself. Unfortunately some of the VHS tapes to be converted are not in great condition.

To view the archive, click on the tab at the top of the page or here.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Wouldn't It Be Nice...

if Australian football history was properly documented?

Conducting some research recently I came across this great blog about the German national team:

Pictures and details from every match the Socceroos have played, how good would that be? Whilst I'm dreaming, how about a section of the FFA site (can't be a book, they only write them about the last ten years it seems) with a pic and bio of everyone that has played for Australia?

Is it in the too hard basket? Given it was only two years ago that the official records finally got the given names of players who previously had just their initial noted, it may well be. Given the maintenance of the Hall of Fame, one must assume the care factor for honouring the pioneers is also minimal.

Another inspiration are the season retrospectives of Italian football put together in Guerin Sportivo magazine:





It would be something to have something like that one day, but I can't see it happening. History is not treasured in Australian football, for many it is a shame. The records are far from complete and not much is being done to remedy that.

Can still dream I suppose.