Monday, 26 October 2015

Historical Artefact Monday - the Mdm Collection

Today I present some artefacts relating to a long gone day of internet banter getting a little too serious.

Before I start I need to provide a little background to what stemmed from the battles on the old SBS The World Game Forum and my position relating to the A-League, which was the cause of my gaining a stalker.

Now though I'm probably associated with people who hate the A-League, that is certainly not my position. I've been to games, I watch them on television regularly. For various reasons, I'm not a supporter of either of the Melbourne clubs. One being I was busy enough at Richmond SC when the A-League came about, and that was MY team. Someone once said to me they are members at Victory, but go there mainly for their kids. It's their kids who will grow up diehards, but they themselves are less "invested". I guess embracing a club too closely once you've reached a certain age and affiliations with other clubs doesn't suit everyone. So while I was happy to go to games and wanted Victory to do well, I was able to be dispassionate about the whole situation.

One thing that contributed to this was that I did not want to associate those that gladly denigrated the players, supporters and clubs from previous eras. Sadly, on The World Game Forum, there was no middle ground. You supported the "New Dawn" of New Football or were "Bitter" about the demise of Old Soccer.

That was not the main reason for my sympathies towards Victory beginning to dissipate around 2007-08 however. The major factor there were the actions of Victory fans in the VPL at that time, in particular the Richmond v South Melbourne game of March 9, 2007.

Now to get to the first artefact, let's move on to 2010. mdm was a username on The World Game Forum of a Victory fan with a strong grudge against "bitters" and the presence of a New Zealand team in the A-League. I generally tried to avoid too much of the Bitters/New Dawn nonsense, but took him to task when he tried to link a murder case to the NSL. The father of Santo Caruso, proprietor of Melbourne Sports Books, had murdered his wife and been jailed. When someone in a thread had recalled Santo attending NSL games, mdm mistakenly claimed that Santo had committed the murder and tried to draw a link between that and his support of the NSL. Yes, this how unhinged he was.

Many may recall on the eve of the World Cup that year Socceroo goalkeeper Brad Jones withdraw from the squad when his son was diagnosed with leukemia. On another forum I got some inside gossip that this had taken place just before I went to sleep one night, with the news breaking a few hours later at around 2-3 am. When I got on the forum the following night, I saw mdm posting in a thread about the topic at around 5 am that there were not many bitters offering sympathy. His inference disgusted me, and I showed this in no uncertain terms.

The result was that mdm felt he could agitate me by constantly using my real name or initials in his posts. My username was 11.Boo, based on my widely known nickname (widely known as in most people who know me through football use it, many not even knowing my real name). I was not that bothered about it, as I was not trying to keep it a secret. It had been done by others before anyway. The first artefact sprang from someone else supplying me with mdm's real name, and myself using his initials in replies in response.

The above sign was cable-tied to the fence at Kevin Bartlett Reserve on Wednesday July 28, 2010. I'd taken the week off work for a busy football week. That night the seniors played a friendly against Melbourne Heart at AAMI Park, at the same time as the Under 18's played as the Under 21's against the N.T.C. before the Under 21's played as the seniors against the N.T.C. at Kevin Bartlett Reserve. I discovered the sign as I went to put up the nets, mark the pitch, set-up the dressing room and drop off the kits at KB before heading to AAMI to look after the first team.

Marking the pitch I put a lot of thought into who was behind the sign, but it wasn't until I got to AAMI Park that I thought it could be mdm. When I got home I sent him a direct message via the forum asking if he'd been been to Burnley recently and he responded he hadn't (using the term "mate", which was odd) and then never posted there under that name again.

The next artefact came shortly after I shared the photo on a few forums.

It is a print out of a thread I'd started on the forum, mocking the removal of match threads being stickied at the top of the page which had angered many. This print out was folded in half and placed in my mother's letterbox (my new stalker didn't realise I was in Unit 2, she lived in Unit 1) which I was checking while she was in Croatia. This was a new level of derangement I'd yet to encounter on forums.

Shortly after there was a thread on the forum about some Victory fans greeting Harry Kewell at the airport after he signed with the club. When someone posted that my mate was in the pic, it outed mdm to the rest of the forum, and the response from the photoshop experts brought about artefact number three, the letter to the President of Richmond Alemannia.

There is so much gold in here I don't know where to begin. Have to begin somewhere, so let's start with the name. If you choose a fake name, use a surname which has at least one listing in the White Pages. If you are
a potential sponsor, wouldn't you have some letterhead you should be using for your correspondence? Mr Helmut Kalitzki is reasonably well known in local football circles. Even if you don't know him, as President of the club his name was featured on the club website as well as the FFV's website. Not addressing to letter to him but able to identify me as the bloke who was rude to him? Come on, you're not expecting anyone tobelieve this? The President is still awaiting for him to contact him personally. The envelope with the hand-written return address in the tiniest handwriting possible is also class.

By now, mdm was posting as Diego's Son on Australian FourFourTwo Forums. I wish I could have seen his face when he first saw GaryBoulder appear as the newest user. Funnily enough, he never posted much after that.

                                                      (Click on images to enlarge)

Friday, 2 October 2015

Updated Richmond Stats

I've roughly updated the senior appearance stats I've kept for Richmond SC. When I say roughly, the last two years have a few games missing (or substitutions not included) as I don't have the team sheets and am relying on the FFV's match reports (usually pretty good, but lacking for Cup games) and the FoxSportsPulse results service (pathetically maintained, virtually useless).

Anyway, here's the list of players to have played for Alemannia since 2002 and how many games the played (substitute appearances in brackets) and how many goals they scored:

Justin Adams                              1(7)   0
Nathan Adams                              8(11)   8
Phil Altarelli                               1(2)   0
Michael Anderson                        22   3
Ross Antoniadis                        23   1
Terry Antoniadis                      16(4)   0
Hamlet Armenian                     57(15)  23
Noel Bahnsen                              39(6)   0
James Baskerville                     64(3)  12
Evan Batsis                              2(8)   1
Jonathan Beamish                      0(1)   0
Mitch Beamish                             5(10)   1
Brendan Beni                             29(9)   3
Andy Betchley                              0(2)   0
Mitch Bissinger                             41(2)   1
Danny Black                             18(3)   0
Devon Bonne                             12(7)   3
Vinnie Bontemps                     14(1)   0
Rob Brian                                       49   0
Cameron Brown                     34(4)   2
Daniel Buecker                              4(1)   0
Steve Burton                               49   6
Mark Byrnes                                 2   0
Tom Cahill                             71(1)  61
Adrian Caniglia                             18(5)     3
Alex Caniglia                              9(1)   7
Liam Cannell                             18(2)   2
Pablo Cardozo                             21(2)  21
Richie Cardozo                             42(2)  16
Joe Carey                                      1(1)   0
Damian Cassar                              4(5)   0
Michael Catalano                  105(28)  24
Sam Catherine                             25(2)   2
Tony Celentano                     17(4)   0
Valli Cesnik                               0(1)   0
Edward Chadwick                        17   0
Matt Clyne                               2(3)   0
Matt Collier                                14   0
Matt Conkie                                21   0
Nick Crossley                                10   0
Ben Croswell                               0(1)   0
Sean Cunningham                         4   0
Zoran Cvetkovski                      20(5)   1
Billy Daglis                               20   0
Glen Davie                              61(1)   1
Chris Davis                               8(1)   0
Felipe de Amorim                    19(19)   7
Arsenio di Camillo                     15(9)   6
Joey Di Iorio                            43(10)  36
Jason Dimozantos                        19   1
Rani Dowisha                                 7   0
Aiden Downes                               5(2)   0
Gary Efe                                       0(6)   0
Mate Eterovic                            36(34)   3
Henry Fa'Arodo                        22   7
Michael Farnham                         1   0
Michael Ferrante                     46(1)  13
Liam Flynn                             46(2)   7
Petar Franjic                                17   1
Balint Gabor Arndt                         2   0
Stjepan Gal                                70   0
Yanni Galanos                               9(3)   1
Sam Gallagher                                 7   0
Bobby Gagovski                       0(2)   0
Peter Georgiadis                        14   2
Tony Guiliano                             26(1)   2
Danny Gnjidic                                6   1
Andrew Goff                             53(2)   3
George Goutzioulis                     26(2)   5
Nemanja Govedarica              3(2)   0
Steve Graham                             6(12)   0
Chris Greechan                              0(3)   0
Mate Grgic                                9   0
Josh Goenewald                     13(6)   3
Trent Hansen                              0(2)   0
Will Hastie                             27(8)   6
Joern Heineke                             1(6)   0
Tony Hermus                               14   0
Graham Hockless                     38(3)   3
Jason Hoffman                                6   3
Matt Hrastov                                4   0
Finn Huzzey                                4   0
Ibraim Ibraimi                              1(5)   0
Didier Imbert                              3(3)   0
Alex Jackson                               9   2
George Jolevski                      3(1)   0
Cameron Jones                             30(4)  11
Kyle Joryeff                              5(4)   1
Nick Kalamaras                        1   0
Nick Kalambokis                     23(31)   6
James Kalifatidis                      0(5)   1
Vas Kalogeracos                     1(11)   4
Erhan Karahan                               92   6
Evan Karavitis                              1(6)   0
Jay Kelly                                    10(15)   3
Craig Kerr                             15(4)   1
Lorenz Kindtner                     12(3)   1
Derek Kinsella                                3   1
Ivica Klarica                              7(2)   1
Josh Knight                             45(5)  12
Luke Knoester                              0(1)   0
Chris Konstas                               16   2
Veton Korcarevski                     23(4)   5
Peter Koskos                              0(1)   0
Antun Kovacic                             62(1)   6
Jesse Krncevic                             48(7)  19
Nick Krousoratis                    10(15)   3
Marco Kuck                               28   2
Raj Kumar                              1(5)   1
David Kustura                              4(2)   0
Josh Kweifio-Okai                    10(19)   4
Ryan Lambert                             4(12)   0
Jimmy Latinopoulos                      5(8)   1
Drew Laurence                              4(5)   1
Aaran Lines                              11   0
Damir Lokvancic                     1(1)   1
Milos Lujic                            16(17)   6
Alan Macinkovic                     20(2)   0
Peter Maddox                              0(1)   0
Mick Maljanek                              7(5)   1
Nick Marinos                             16(2)   2
Carlo Mason                             68(2)   2
John McCluskey                      2(4)   0
Stuart McCluskey                     70(1)   2
Gerry McDonagh                       44   0
Craig McIlwain                               12   1
Clancy McLeod                      0(1)   0
Kelly McLoughlin                      5(4)   0
Tom Milardovic                     53(4)   2
Daniel Milborrow                      8(3)   0
Scott Muirhead                               31   2
Vedran Muratbegovic              0(2)   0
Steve Muretic                              8(3)   0
Tommy Muretic                      3(4)   0
Robbie Murone                      1(2)   0
Craig Murphy                            19(5)   2
Chris Nedza                            13(7)   1
Paul Nedza                              0(5)   0
Daniel Neesham                      1(1)   0
Fergal O'Colmain                   43(18)  17
Daniel O'Connell                      0(1)   0
Chris O'Hare                             10(4)   2
Ryan Oppermann                     21(1)   5
Ben Osei-Safo                              2(1)   0
Damien Ostrowski                      0(1)   0
Julian Peel                                       17   1
Adrian Pender                             22(2)   0
John Petridis                               22   2
Sebastian Petrovic                     15(2)   0
Stefan Piorkowski                      2(5)   0
Daniel Piovesan                      2(1)   0
Peter Psarros                              6(6)  13
Timmy Purcell                            87(11)  10
Alistair Quinn                              1(1)   1
Josip Rajher                               12   0
Conor Reddan                              0(1)   0
Shane Rexhepi                            24(16)   0
Jason Ricciuti                              0(4)   0
Fidell Richards                                4   1
Brendan Richardson                      8(2)   0
Ariel Ritz                                    16(4)   0
James Robinson                    18(1)  13
Nick Robinson                            10(2)   2
Alex Rojas                              8(2)   1
Aaron Romein                               12   0
Andy Ross                            11(3)   0
Christian Rossi                            28(2)   0
Sava Rusmir                             32(9)   1
Liam Ryan                              4(3)   0
Rylan Sadler                            20(3)   3
Ahmad Samim-Rahim              0(1)   0
Kurt Saterdag                              1(2)   0
Adrian Savage                              6(2)   0
Peter Sawan                           35(18)   5
Ross Scalia                              0(2)   0
Kaspar Scheiber                      0(2)   0
David Scullion                            11(1)   1
Jordan Seeto                            13(1)   0
Sam Shepherd                           16(14)   0
Andy Shuttleworth                    20(4)  10
Jim Sibley                                     0(1)   0
Robbie Simioni                              22   0
Enes Sivic                                   11(7)   0
Semir Sivic                           45(7)   6
Yasmin Sivic                             0(1)   0
Andrew Skoullos                     3(3)   0
Warren Spink                              14   8
Jonny Stahl                             1(1)   0
James Stefanou                               4   1
Fabian Stranges                     0(3)   0
Xhezair Sulemani                  22(20)  10
Ryan Supple                             0(4)   0
George Svigos                               6   0
Gideon Sweet                          11(13)   3
Alex Tabor                             3(6)   1
Kliment Taseski                    15(4)   3
Miles Tidd                            14(2)   6
Nick Tioulis                             0(1)   0
Ivan Tomic                               6   0
Steven Topalovic                    30(2)   3
Filip Tortevski                             0(4)   0
John Tran                                     2(3)       0
Chris Traynor                           11(1)   1
Stephen Tsering                     0(1)   0
George Tsiakalakis                   13(2)   0
Billy Tsiakos                               9   1
Dimitri Tsiaras                           77(4)   6
Cliff Tuck                                   7(5)   0
Tony Ujgunovski                   0(3)   0
Tom Uskok                          11(5)   0
Josh Valadon                          25(1)   3
Sam Valdeveiso                   1(1)   0
Davey van 't Schip                 11(14)   2
Andrew Viola                         73(23)   2
Daniel Visevic                          72(9)  26
George Voliotis                           1(4)   1
Oscar Vonk                           4(2)   0
Haris Vrbovac                              6            0
Gary Wales                           7(1)   1
Neil Wallace                          11(8)   2
Matt Waters                          25(4)   0
Ben Watson                            15            2
Simon Webster                          45(7)   0
Stuart Webster                            42            0
Gareth Whelan                           8(1)   0
Matt Williams                        14(10)   9
Stuart Wilson                        11(12)   0
Dale White                         24(3)  16
Terry Wogan                           0(1)   1
Ivan Zilic                                      1            0
Peter Zois                                     22   0

It's a shame even in this modern age these stats aren't automatically maintained in the Federation database. Also disappointing that most clubs don't maintain such histories, and that poor record-keeping makes going back and trying to uncover these stats virtually impossible.

Top ten appearances:

Michael Catalano        133
Timmy Purcell       98
Andrew Viola 96
Dimitri Tsiaras 81
Daniel Visevic 81
Hamlet Armenian 72
Tom Cahill 72
Stuart McCluskey 71
Mate Eterovic 70
Carlo Mason 70

Top ten goalscorers:

Tom Cahill 61
Joey Di Iorio 36
Daniel Visevic 26
Michael Catalano 24
Hamlet Armenian 23
Pablo Cardozo 21
Jesse Krncevic 19
Fergal O'Colmain 17
Dale White 16
Richie Cardozo 16

Saturday, 19 September 2015

The Bastardisation of the Bill Fleming Medal

In 1954, The Argus newspaper awarded a medal for the best and fairest player in the V.A.S.F.A. First Division. Votes were issued on a 3-2-1 basis for each match, coordinated by football writer Bill Fleming. Though the paper ceased in 1957, the medal survived and was presented each year, re-named in honour of it's originator, Bill Fleming.

It was not until 1971 that the V.S.F. introduced it's own award for the best and fairest player in the Victorian State League each season, the Rothman's Medal, which eventually became the Gold Medal. Even then the Bill Fleming Medal survived, though no longer using the 3-2-1 system on every game format but instead taking a poll of the various members of the football media. The referees were used to implement the 3-2-1 system to determine the Rothman's Medal.

The point of difference for the Bill Fleming Medal then became that it allowed the more brilliant players to triumph over those that were simply more consistent. It also allowed for a mark of true greatness when a player was able to win the double of both medals.

For sixty years the Bill Fleming Medal was awarded to the best players in the top division of senior men's football in Victoria. The tradition spanned the First Division, Victorian State League, Victorian Premier League and National Premier League Victoria eras. It was older than the Gold Medal, and most clubs in the state. It was older than the VSF, the NSL or the FFA. This, in a sport that does not necessarily treasure it's own history, was quite remarkable.

This tradition was ended this year, when at the Gold Medal night it was announced the Bill Fleming Award would go to the player voted on by the FFV's match reporters (in lieu of independent media) as the best from the NPLV and WVPL. Not separate awards for each, but one for both. With the winner being Amy Jackson of Boroondara Eagles in the WVPL, the linage of winners of the Medal in the VSL/VPL/NPLV every year since 1954 has come to an end.

It is clear that the FFV has little respect for it's own history. Earlier this year it removed lies from it's own website when caught out attempting to re-write history on it. It drifts between being ashamed of most club's ethnic pasts and then appearing to embrace them as the need fits. We don't like your names or symbols, but look how tolerant we are munching down some souvlakis.

It's sad that a grand tradition (check out the honour roll) needs to be altered to make a political statement or push an agenda. Sadder still that lamenting the loss of such a tradition would see you labelled a misogynist.

Would I be a misogynist if I decried the Melbourne Cup being altered from the traditional 3200m into a 1200m sprint? If someone were to protest about men's grand slam tennis being reduced to best of three sets, are they being misogynistic? Are the AFL misogynists for not opening up their Brownlow Medal to women?

Tokenism is not true equality. If the change to the Bill Fleming Medal was initiated so the FFV could pat itself on the back for being so inclusive, it is a token act to my eye. It could have inaugurated a similar award for the WVPL and chosen to perhaps honour a female pioneer of football journalism (it's not like Bill Fleming himself ever wrote a single word about the women's game), but instead being able to tweet that "for the first time a @wplvictoria player has won the Bill Fleming Award" was the more politically beneficial gesture. Whoever decided that is truly the bastard who bastardised the Bill Fleming Medal.

Friday, 18 September 2015

The WTF League Division Four 1930

On first looks, finding a final table for the Fourth Division of the Metropolitan League doesn't not appear to be too much of a drama.

The Age gives us a late table in early September. Eight teams. 7 times 2 makes for 14 home and away games. Most teams have played all 14. Four haven't, so surely it's just a case of working out which two results are missing, finding out when they should have been played and trying a few other sources to find the results. If nothing can be found, assume this is the final table and just worry about the blurry nature of Spotswood's goals for figure.

But it's not that easy. It rarely is. Here's the first problem. Why are Spotswood playing Malvern in a League game when they've already finished their 14 game season? Gathering known results into a wordpad file, I then get the pen and paper out and list each club's results. More anomalies. Why did Pascoe Vale play Malvern three times? Why did Bentleigh play Kingsville three times?

Using the tables published in The Age on Fridays, and the published fixtures, it was possible to figure out some missing results. But still the anomalies remain. It's a note alongside a Third Division result from Saturday August 9 that provides a breakthrough. "Replayed game after protest". It was the only Third Division game that day, no full programme because of a Dockerty Cup semi-final. So were the two Fourth Division games that day also replays after protests? It starts to make sense.

So why did Spotswood play Malvern again on October 4? It seems their August 16 clash may have been included in the table published by The Age on September 9. It was abandoned due to players fighting, with Spotswood 3-0 up. Maybe it was assumed the score would stand, before a ruling came through for the October 4 replay?

This leaves the two missing games as September 6 clashes between Malvern United and Kingsville, and Nobels v Croydon. As well as trying to figure why goals scored for and against don't seem to tally....

Would it have killed them to have have published the tables again on October 6? And does Dr Ian Syson place the blame for that at the feet of Michael Lynch?

Friday, 11 September 2015

Soccer Week 1974-1975

Last Sunday I visited the State Library of Victoria to examine their collection of Soccer Week newspapers from the 1970's. The collection, all bound into the one book, is available to SLV members (it's free) but you need to call and arrange for it to be brought from offsite storage to the Heritage Reading Room. The collection starts with the June 19, 1974 issue and ends at August 6, 1975.

Unlike Soccer News, Soccer Week was an independent production. Les Shrrock, who would go on to write for Soccer Action and publish Soccer Star, covered the Metropolitan League. The colourful State League keeper Mike O'Hara had a weekly column.

Covers usually featured a single photo, with some gems shown below:

(Click on images to enlarge)

Throughout the paper, there are plenty of great pictures. A photographer was sent to a Metropolitan League game each week, so it wasn't just the State League being covered. A few pages each week would feature these snaps.

Sadly, the facts and figures sections were a disappointment. I would consider listing the line-ups and scorers of all the State League games a bare minimum, and it's a minimum standard Soccer Week failed to meet. The Metropolitan and Industrial Amateur Leagues had all their results and tables published, though lacking goalscorers names. Some could be found in the few pages of match reports each week, which relied on the clubs to supply info which again often falls short of expectations. Some clubs had people on the ball, and for those clubs the coverage is excellent.

The paper did give a great insight into the Cumberland Cup, which began in 1975 and ceased in 1978. At the start it was referred to as the Twilight Cup. It was competed for by the Metropolitan League (Divisions One to Four) clubs in the pre-season. Games were played midweek, in an era where lights were not commonplace or at training only standard, so 6.00pm kick-offs during daylight savings were required. The Cumberland name came from the local newspaper group which sponsored it, and the inaugural winners were Preston Makedonia who defeated Mooroolbark United 1-0 in the Final with a goal from Vlade Kotevski.

June 1975 saw controversy flare up following a column by Prahran Slavia defender Frank Campbell. It had a subheading of "WILL THE WOGS COME BACK?" in relation to fans returning now Juventus had found form. This, of course sparked some outrage, with Vito Cilauro leading the charge. Cilauro was on the Juventus committee and would go on to hold several roles within the VSF. Here editor Jack Pacholli argues his case:

A few weeks later Pacholli followed that up with an editorial headed FOREIGN NAMES MUST BE DROPPED. The support he had can be gauged by the death of the paper within a couple of months, and the way in which the more inclusive Soccer Action would flourish in the following years.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Random Videos IV: We Need A Montage

2003 VPL action with Green Gully hosting Whittlesea.... let me look it up... Stallions, They were still the Stallions that year. Ante Loncaric looking dodgy in goal, Andy Vargas with a hat-trick, Jeff Fleming with hair.

More VPL 2003 action from the same round as Bulleen Zebras host Port Melbourne in a goalfest. Igor Mandic with two Panenka penalties after being forced to re-take.

Random Videos IV salutes Rocky IV with a training montage featuring Rocky Balboa and Ivan Drago.

Many thought Chris Jericho would struggle when Ralphus left Jericho Personal Security for a job with Blue Thunder Security but they were wrong.

Musical guest this time is Robert Plant's The Honeydrippers with Sea of Love. Not so random, with the football connection being the song was produced by Ahmet Ertegun, who as well as founding Atlantic Records also co-founded the New York Cosmos.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sporting Life's All-Australians

The following piece owes a great deal to George Cotsanis, who is behind the brilliant My World Is Round Facebook page. It began when he went through the memorabilia collection of Moreland legend Eric Heath and discovered a trophy for "All-Australian Selection" in 1952. An accompanying letter revealed the monthly sporting magazine Sporting Life selected a team. He then embarked on a  search of the Sporting Life archives at the MCC Library and uncovered the full set of All-Australian squads for all the football codes between 1947 and 1955.

You will note some years merely had the player's state mentioned, some years would also feature their club. I've since researched all the current clubs of the selected players, as well as expanding on the custom of the time of simply using an initial and surname by uncovering all the christian names of the squads.

The selector shows a heavy bias towards New South Wales. In the inaugural 1947 squad the only interstate player is Queensland's Bob Lawrie, who played for Leichhardt-Annandale in the NSW competition that year. He would be selected a further four times upon his return to Queensland. There also seems to be a bias against the great Reg Date, selected just twice.

The full list is:


Norman Conquest (North Shore/NSW), Joe Marston (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW), Cec Drummond (Metters/NSW), Dave Coote (Adamstown/NSW), Bob Lawrie (Leichhardt-Annandale/QLD), Kevin O'Neill (Cessnock/NSW), Charlie Stewart (Lysaghts/NSW), Jim Cunningham (Wollongong-Bulli/NSW), Reg Date (Canterbury-Bankstown/NSW), Ron Hughes (Metters/NSW), Ray Marshall (Granville/NSW)


Ken Hough (Drummoyne/NSW), Joe Marston (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW), Cec Drummond (Metters/NSW), Bob Bignall (Corrimal/NSW), Dave Coote (Adamstown/NSW), Robert Murray (Canterbury-Bankstown/NSW), Ernie Kemp (Lake Macquarie/NSW), Allan Johns (Adamstown/NSW), Frank Parsons (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW), Ron Hughes (Canterbury-Bankstown/NSW), Wally Cansick (Thistle/QLD).


Jim Jenkins (Woonona/NSW), Joe Marston (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW), Cec Drummond (Drummoyne/NSW), Bob Lawrie (Bundamba Rovers/QLD), Bill Wilson (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW), Bob Bignall (Corrimal/NSW), George Sanders (Granville/NSW), Allan Johns (Adamstown/NSW), Gordon Nunn (St Helens/QLD), Jock McMahon (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW), Alec Barr (Brighton/VIC).


Norman Conquest (Metters-Canterbury/NSW), Kevin O'Neill (Cessnock/NSW), Cec Drummond (Drummoyne/NSW), Bob Lawrie (Bundamba Rovers/QLD), Tom Jack (Brighton/VIC), Bob Young (Granville/NSW), Eric Hulme (Granville/NSW), Allan Johns (Adamstown/NSW), Gordon Nunn (St Helens/QLD), Frank Parsons (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW), Harry Robertson (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW).


Ron Lord (Auburn/NSW), Doug Wendt (Adamstown/NSW), Kevin O'Neill (Cessnock/NSW), Bob Bignall (Corrimal/NSW), Norm Rowlands (Granville/NSW), Bob Lawrie (Bundamba Rovers/QLD), Jock McMahon (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW), Eric Hulme (Granville/NSW), Sammy North (Mayfield United/NSW), Frank Parsons (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW), Harry Robertson (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW).


Bill Mahoney (Adamstown/NSW), Eric Heath (Moreland/VIC), Frento Mouchka (Hakoah/VIC), Bob Bignall (Corrimal/NSW), Kevin O'Neill (Cessnock/NSW), Angus Drennan (Sunshine United/VIC), Charlie Stewart (Woonona/NSW), Reg Date (Wallsend/NSW), Gordon Nunn (Corinthians/QLD), Jock Cummings (Port Adelaide/SA), Malcolm Wild (Corinthians/QLD).


Bill Henderson (Granville/NSW), Cliff Almond (Cessnock/NSW), Doug Wendt (Auburn/NSW), Bob Lawrie (Bulimba/QLD), Pat Clarke (Hakoah/VIC), Kevin O'Neill (Cessnock/NSW), Charlie Stewart (Woonona/NSW), Jack Lennard (Mayfield United/NSW), Alan Garside (Granville/NSW), Malcolm Wild (Corinthians/QLD), Harry Robertson (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW).


Bill Henderson (Granville/NSW), Jack Mather (Adelaide Juventus/SA), Kevin O'Neill (Cessnock/NSW), Ron Adair (Maccabeans/WA), Tom Jack (Hakoah/VIC), Bob Young (Corrimal/NSW), Charlie Stewart (Woonona/NSW), Harry Rice (Hakoah/VIC), Ken Learmonth (Corrimal/NSW), Malcolm Wild (Eastern Suburbs/QLD), Harry Robertson (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW).


Bill Henderson (Granville/NSW), Cliff Almond (Cessnock/NSW), Bill Wilson (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW), Eric Duff (Balgownie/NSW), Joe Marston (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW), Cliff Sander (St Helens/QLD), Frank Laughran (Moreland/VIC), Syd Thomas (Hakoah/VIC), Don Hodgson (Victoria Colts/VIC), Jock McMahon (Leichhardt-Annandale/NSW), Ray Neal (Canterbury/NSW).

Most All-Australian Selections:

6: Kevin O'Neill

5: Bob Lawrie

4: Cec Drummond, Harry Robertson, Joe Marston, Charlie Stewart, Bob Bignall, 

3: Allan Johns, Frank Parsons, Gordon Nunn, Jock McMahon, Malcolm Wild, Bill Henderson

Most Selections by Club:

17: Leichhardt-Annandale

10: Granville

8: Cessnock

7: Adamstown

6: Corrimal

5: Hakaoh (Melbourne)

Selections by State:

72: New South Wales

13: Queensland

11: Victoria

2: South Australia

1: Western Australia

Monday, 3 August 2015

Random Videos III: More Random Than Last Time

Another mix of recently uploaded full-length games, a dig into the archives, and some off topic videos.

The 1995-96 NSL Grand Final, won by the mighty Melbourne Knights. It made it consecutive Championships for the Knights, Andrew Marth and Adrian Cervinski with the goals.

A friendly between Australia and Japan from Bob Jane Stadium in February 1996. It was a comfortable win for Eddie Thomson's side, against opposition which included future Sydney FC player Kazuyoshi Miura.

The 1995 Dockerty Cup Final between Melbourne Knights and South Melbourne, in two parts (YouTube used to have restrictions). The current Knights coaching staff were still playing, along with greats like Fausto de Amicis, Ante Kovacevic, Mark Silic, Danny Tiatto and Joe Spiteri. Frank Arok led his South team to the Cup, featuring stars like Mike Petersen, Paul Trimboli, Vaughan Coveney, Michael Curcija and youngsters Bill Damianos and Tansel Baser.

One of the greatest sporting achievements of all time, Makoto Nagano completes a Total Victory on Sasuke to become the Ninja Warrior.

Some of Noddy Holder's finest work in fronting Slade - Coz I Luv You. Only the greatest of bands know how to incorporate a violin.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Gardiner's Creek Reserve

A few photos of the venue during the Melbourne Victory Youth v Eastern Lions Clash in NPL One East on Saturday:

The mighty Gardiner's Creek itself, flowing strong in the middle of winter.

New timber indicates a new scoreboard on the benches/Gardiner's Creek side.

Intrepid camera work on the roof of the clubrooms, provides a decent perspective.

Suburban soccer ritual, the half-time shots on goal from the youngsters.

Mitch Beamish ready for the second-half to kick off, he would later put Eastern Lions ahead.

Milos Ridesic marshalls his defense as they prepare for play to resume after his equaliser.

Not the flattest ground, it slopes downhill from the car park end. The centre is raised and also slopes off down both wings.

The surrounds are certainly leafy.

The playground at the southern end. No doubt a few kids have progressed from there, through the junior ranks and into the senior team over the years.

                                                        (Click on images to enlarge)

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Eastern Lions

Eastern Lions, formerly Waverley City and Old Scotch Waverley, are a stable club from Melbourne's Eastern suburbs that currently punches above it's weight in NPL One East.

More of their history can be found in this 40th Anniversary Dinner Dance Programme from 2003.

1974 World Cup Socceroo Jimmy Rooney can be found around the place on any match day carrying out coaching duties with both the junior and senior set-ups.

The clubrooms at Gardiner's Creek Reserve on Sixth Avenue in Burwood contain one of the best collections of photographs in Victorian football.

                                                           (Click on image to enlarge)

                                                                  Waverley City 1984

Back: Vic Binbing (Physio), Alex Milevski, Bernard Redmond, Kyle Patterson, Sean Coulter, Terry Grimwade, Carl Egan, David Cooper (Coach).
Front: Gary Pierce, Ted Quy, Gary Darch, Paul Storey, Alex Wilson, Tom Gameras.

This Saturday the club is hosting Melbourne Victory Youth as well as a Sponsor's Day, a good time to get down to the club if you haven't been before.