Friday, 16 August 2019

Sydney Showgrounds Soccer Scenes in McCloud

This week on Twitter a user called Aaron Eugol posted a video of an old television show which contained images of soccer being played in Sydney.

McCloud was an American television series of the 1970's. A detective series, it went the fish out of water route placing a cowboy detective in New York City. If you were to judge it from the clip, you may assume it was actually a comedy.

The football game is interrupted as the Yank detective, in Sydney to thwart the American mob's move into organised crime within that city, pursues a criminal on horseback. Well, they are both on horseback actually because that totally makes sense.

The clip features rugby league commentator/racecaller Ray Warren covering a soccer match between fictional Sydney and Melbourne teams at the Sydney Showground. Australia's FIFA referee Tony Boskovic is prominent, as is another leading referee Peter Rampley. David Jack and Mick Attarian on Twitter both recognised young keeper Mike Fraser, who sets the ball off on it's path to disarming a gun-firing criminal. Fraser would go on to play 65 games in the NSL.

One kit appears to resemble A.P.I.A. Leichhardt's, and another is similar to what could have been worn by Marconi. Most of the players are young, possibly from a youth team if they were all actually footballers. One can be spotted pretty much laughing during the game.

Tony Boskovic

The player called "Phillips" who gives "Sydney" the lead

Peter Rampley leads the chase as players and officials go all Benny Hill after the game is disrupted

Mike Fraser about to launch the ball....

Which the bloke with the gut latches onto to and knocks the gun out of the baddies hand!

Great tekkers!

Rabs Warren, a monkey's uncle.

It deserves a special place in the pantheon on football appearing in Australian movies and television, that's for sure.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

The Romans Were Here!

In 1966 Italian Serie A giants AS Roma were brought to Australia for an eight game tour by the tobacco company W.D. & H.O. Wills. They were led on the tour by Guido Masetti, goalkeeper in their only championship win to that point in 1941-42, as well as having had stints as manager in 1943-45, 1950-51 and 1956-57.

The company produced the following promotional film of the tour, which as well as including some travel features (a visit to a VFL footy game, boating in Sydney Harbour) contains footage from four of the games played. It's a fabulous slice of not just football history, but of Australia at the time.

Roma had won the Coppa Italia in 1964, having captured the Inter-City Fairs Cup (later UEFA Cup) in 1961. They were coming off an eighth place in the 1965-66 season, finishing fourteen points behind champions Internazionale, and four places above local rivals Lazio. The touring side featured Giacomo Losi, one of the inaugural eleven inductees into the club's Hall of Fame when it was established in 2012.

Details of the games featured in the film:

Sunday June 19, 1966.
At Olympic Park (Crowd: 15694)
Referee: Geoff Harrison

Victoria 0 AS Roma 1 (Francesconi 79')

Victoria: J.Young, N.Shepherd, J.O'Neill, W.Janczyk, B.Rice, F.Micic, A.Abonyi (T.Roseweir), B.Vojtek (S.Jones), K.Kowalec, J.Anderson, H.McMeechan. Coach: Wieslaw Janczyk
AS Roma: F.Cudicini, G.Tomasin, M.Ardizzon, F.Capelli, G.Losi, S.Carpenesi, L.Leonardi, G.Tamborini, F.Francesconi, A.Spanio, F.Enzo. (V.Benitez on 46') Coach: Guido Masetti

Saturday June 4, 1966
At Newcastle Sports Ground (Crowd: 14931)
Referee: George Muir

Northern New South Wales 1 (Morrow) AS Roma 4 (Benitez 3, Francesconi)

Northern New South Wales: J.Dorman, R.Bullen (R.Reynolds 25'), C.Curran, R.Cameron, T.Garrett, R.Lloyd, B.Morrow, A.Oldham, R.Baartz, D.Wright, K.Twidle.
AS Roma: A.Ginulfi, G.Tomasin, A.Sensible, F.Capelli, G.Losi, S.Carpanesi, L.Leonardi, V.Benitez, R.Da Silva, F.Francesconi, F.Enzo (G.Tamborini). Coach: Guido Masetti

Saturday June 11, 1966
At the Brisbane Exhibition Ground (Crowd: 7800)
Referee: Vince Dobinson

Queensland 0 AS Roma 6 (Francesconi 2, Da Silva 2, Leonardi, Benitez)

Queensland: R.Kelly, W.Haigh, G.Kathage, M.Jackson, M.Hosie, L.Petie (B.Allison), G.McMillan, R.Richards, E.Pattison, R.Edmunds, K.Jones. Coach: George Pagan
AS Roma: A.Ginulfi, G.Tomasin, A.Sensible, G.Tamborini, G.Losi, S.Carpanesi, L.Leonardi, V.Benitez, R.Da Silva, F.Francesconi, F.Enzo. Coach: Guido Masetti

Monday June 13, 1966
At the Sydney Showgrounds (Crowd: 5800)
Referee: Roger Lamb

Australia 1 (Morrow 67') AS Roma 1 (Tamborini 88')

Australia: B.Rorke, T.Edwards, G.Nuttall, P.Hughes, B.Rice, J.,Watkiss, B.Morrow, R.Campana, J.Giacometti, D.Walsh, D.Holden. Coach: Joe Marston
AS Roma: F.Cuducini, G.Tomasin, M.Ardizzon, F.Capelli, G.Losi, S.Carpanesi, L.Leonardi (A.Sensible), V.Benitez, R.Da Silva, G.Tamborini, F.Francesconi. Coach: Guido Masetti


New South Wales v AS Roma - June 5

Details of the full tour:

May 29   Victoria 2 (Gajda, Micic) AS Roma 4 (Spanio 2, Francesconi, Benitez)
June 4   Northern New South Wales 1 (Morrow) AS Roma 4 (Benitez 3, Francesconi)
June 5   New South Wales (Campana) AS Roma 2 (Leonardi, Da Silva)
June 11   Queensland 0 AS Roma 6 (Francesconi 2, Da Silva 2, Leonardi, Benitez)
June 13   Australia 1 (Morrow) AS Roma 1 (Tamborini)
June 19   Victoria 0 AS Roma 1 (Francesconi)
June 25   South Australia 0 AS Roma 3 (Tamborini, Francesconi, Da Silva)
July 3   Western Australia 2 (Reid, Lukcszek) AS Roma 4 (Da Silva 2, Carpenesi, O.G.)

Action from the May 29th game against Victoria.

                                          (Click on images to enlarge)

Saturday, 3 August 2019

The History of the Dockerty Cup

This Saturday will see Melbourne Knights and Hume City meet at Kingston Heath Soccer Complex in the 2019 Dockerty Cup Final. The Knights will be looking to win the Cup for a tenth time and extend their record as the competition's most successful club. Hume City are making their first appearance in the Final.

The competition began in 1909 as the Challenge Cup, with the trophy purchased by Harry Dockerty. Dockerty had spearheaded the revival of competitive soccer in Melbourne leading up to that year by forming the Victorian Amateur British Football Association. Indeed he would even play in that first Final, his St Kilda side going down 2-1 to Carlton United. There were already some references that year to the "Dockerty Challenge Cup" and within a few years it soon simply became known as the Dockerty Cup.

In the fledgling local game, the Dockerty Cup Final became one of the two annual showpiece events for the code, alongside the "Local International" fixture of England v Scotland. These were the two days a year an enclosed ground would be sought to stage a grand day.

The Cup has been shared once, in 1914 when Melbourne Thistle and Northumberland and Durham United staged two goalless draws and the season was concluded without being able to hold another replay. The Final was also not contested in 1920, again with time running out in the season to stage the Albert Park v Northumberland and Durham United decider. In 1988 it was won by South Melbourne Hellas on protest, after a 4-3 defeat by Melbourne Croatia, who had brought on a substitute who had been suspended in a Youth League game.

After Carlton United won the first two editions, Melbourne Thistle later became the competition's most successful team, before they in turn were surpassed by Footscray Thistle. Brighton and Hakoah were then added to the list of dominant teams. The post war emergence of the new clubs formed by ethnic migrants saw the names J.U.S.T., Juventus, Wilhelmina, George Cross, Polonia and Slavia added to the honour roll before Croatia (now Melbourne Knights) and South Melbourne would rise to the head the list of most wins.

Between 1953 and 1956 Hakoah won the Cup four times in succession. This eclipses the three wins in a row by Nobels (1938-1940) and Juventus (1970-1972).

Wonthaggi Magpies became the first country team to win the Cup, triumphing in an epic 1931 contest that required two replays against Brunswick. In 1994 Morwell Falcons became the only other club to take the Cup away from Melbourne.

During the latter part of the Second World War, Hakoah and Moreland combined their teams due to player shortages, and were runner's-up twice before capturing the Cup in 1945.

Issues caused by the formation of the National Soccer League in 1977, compounded by it's move to a summer season in 1989-90, eventually saw the Dockerty Cup come to an end in 1996. Interest had waned as it became only a minor target for the NSL clubs, while the clubs in the tiers below had minimal chance of success against the NSL giants.

In 2004 telecommunications company Crazy John's staged the Crazy John's Cup, a statewide knock-out competition. The Dockerty Cup trophy was used for the Final, but after a drought and water restrictions caused difficulties in using grounds in pre-season, the Cup was once again shelved the following year. Another revival commenced in 2011, with the Mirabella Cup. Though that sponsorship was dropped after a year, the competition continued in the following years as the State Knock-Out Cup before the Dockerty Cup name was finally restored.

Owing to missing details/records, I have not attempted to work out which players have won the Dockerty Cup the most times. Hopefully when issues regarding 1910, 1913, 1919, 1920, 1942, 1943, 1945, 1947, 1948, 1958, 1959, 1964, 1968, 1970, 1973 and 1990 are resolved it will be possible to determine the records of winning and runner's-up players.


Dockerty Cup Wins

9 - Melbourne Knights (Formerly Croatia, Essendon Lions, Essendon Croatia & Melbourne Croatia) 
8 - South Melbourne (Formerly South Melbourne Hellas) 
7 - Hakoah
6 - Brunswick United Juventus (Formerly Juventus, later Melbourne Zebras, currently Moreland Zebras)
5 - Footscray Thistle, Brighton, Green Gully (Formerly Green Gully Ajax)
3 - Melbourne Thistle, Naval Depot, Nobels, Moreland, Footscray J.U.S.T. (Formerly J.U.S.T.),
     George Cross (Later Sunshine George Cross, currently Caroline Springs George Cross), Port Melbourne Slavia         (Formerly Slavia)
2 - Carlton United, St Kilda, Yarraville (Formerly Williamstown-Yarraville), Northumberland and                Durham United, Royal Caledonians, Prahran City, Park Rangers, Bentleigh Greens
1 - Albert Park, Wonthaggi Magpies, Moreland-Hakoah, South Yarra, Wilhelmina (Currently 
     Ringwood City), Polonia (Currently Western Eagles), Fawkner, Preston Makedonia (Currently Preston Lions),         Morwell Falcons, Northcote City, Dandenong Thunder, Heidelberg United

Most Times Runner's-Up

7 - Brunswick United Juventus (Formerly Juventus, later Melbourne Zebras, currently Moreland Zebras)
6 - Melbourne Knights (Formerly Croatia, Essendon Lions, Essendon Croatia & Melbourne Croatia) 
5 - St Kilda, Hakoah
4 - Prahran City, Polonia (Currently Western Eagles), South Melbourne (Formerly South Melbourne Hellas),
     Heidelberg United (Formerly Alexander, Fitzroy United Alexander, Heidelberg United Alexander)
3 - South Yarra, Box Hill, Brighton, George Cross (Later Sunshine George Cross, currently Caroline Springs                George Cross)

Most Finals Refereed (Referees not noted for 1947, 1948, 1953, 1959, 1960, 1964, 1972. 1973, 1978 & 1983)

3 - Palmer, J.Hadlington (also one replay)
2 - G.Clark, J.Fraser, Jock Parker, Tommy Burns, C.Rodgers, C.Armstrong, Bill Curran      (also one replay), David Maitland, Geoff Harrison, Jim Fearn, Chris Bambridge,
     Nestor Zacharidis, Patrick Chaplin, Chris Hope


57 - Olympic Park (also four replays)
7 - Middle Park (also two replays)
6 - Fitzroy Cricket Ground/Brunswick Street Oval (also one replay)
5 - Motordrome (also one replay)
4 - Lakeside Stadium
2 - Exhibition Oval, Toorak Park, The Showgrounds (also one replay), Knights Stadium,
     ABD Stadium
1 - East Melbourne Cricket Ground, Richmond City Reserve, Coburg City Oval (also one 
     replay), AAMI Park, Jack Edwards Reserve
1 replay only - Spotswood, Wonthaggi Oval

Most Replayed Final

2 replays - Wonthaggi Magpies v Brunswick - 1931

Most Goals In A Final

8 - Royal Caledonians 4 Hakoah 4 - 1934
     Hakoah 7 Footscray City 1 - 1954
     South Melbourne 6 Heidelberg United 2 - 1993

Most Goals By A Player In A Final

4 - Wells (Moreland-Hakoah) - 1945
     Joe Gottesman (Hakoah) - 1954


1909 Carlton United 2 (J.Cumming 2) St Kilda 1 (Brown)
1910 Carlton United 1 (Hall) Prahran City 0
1911 St Kilda 4 (Wardrop, Gorrie, Hopgood, Vass) Williamstown 2 (Gardiner, Dowker)
1912 Williamstown-Yarraville 3 (Gardiner, Clark, Dowker) Wonthaggi
1913 Yarraville 4 (Hatch 3, Dowker) St Kilda 3 (Kendall 2, Burrows)
1914 Melbourne Thistle 0 Northumberland and Durham United 0
         Melbourne Thistle 0 Northumberland and Durham United 0
         Cup shared
1915 Melbourne Thistle 1 (Brown) Albert Park 1 (Finch)
         Melbourne Thistle 2 (Harris, Benn) Albert Park 0
1919 Footscray Thistle 2 Windsor 0
1920 Albert Park v Northumberland and Durham United
         Abandoned due to season being ended
1921 Northumberland and Durham United 1 (Miller) Submarine Depot 1 (Stafford)
         Northumberland and Durham United 2 Submarine Depot 0
1922 Albert Park 3 (Hamilton, J.Anderson, Gardner) Windsor 2 (Maxwell, O.G.)
1923 St Kilda 1 (Parker) Preston 0
1924 Naval Depot 1 (Crowe) Footscray Thistle 0
1925 Melbourne Thistle 3 (Johnstone 2, Parker) Preston 1 (Eccles)
1926 Naval Depot 4 (Lewis, Wilson, Baker 2) St Kilda 3 (Sheufelberger, Young 2)
1927 Footscray Thistle 5 (Clarke, R.Lyons, Woodburn 2, Calderwood)
         Naval Depot 2 (Lewis, Thorpe)
         After extra-time. 2-2 at full-time
1928 Naval Depot 6 (Lewis 3, Crowe, Souter, Thorpe) Wonthaggi Magpies 0
1929 Footscray Thistle 3 (Crowe, Orr, Ballantyne) St Kilda 2 (Winter, Doncaster)
1930 Footscray Thistle 3 (J.Lyons, Wilson 2) Caledonians 2 (R.Gray 2)
1931 Wonthaggi Magpies 0 Brunswick 0
         Wonthaggi Magpies 0 Brunswick 0
         Wonthaggi Magpies 1 (Mackey) Brunswick 0
1932 Footscray Thistle 2 (Wilson 2) Melbourne Thistle 2 (Craig, Fraser)
         Footscray Thistle 2 (Wilson, J.Lyons) Melbourne Thistle 1 (Mayne)
1933 Brighton 4 (McDougall, Wright 2, Grant) St Kilda 3 (Ford 3)
1934 Royal Caledonians 4 (R.Gray, B.Gray, Ireland, G.Weir)
         Hakoah 4 (C.Yaffe. McIver 2, O.G.)
         Royal Caledonians 3 (Robb, R.Gray 2) Hakoah 2 (Forrest 2)
1935 Hakoah 4 (Forrest 2, McIver, Lewis)
         Royal Caledonians 3 (Johnstone, P.Young, Gray)
1936 Caledonians 5 (J.Gray 2, P.Young, R.Gray, G.Weir)
         Footscray Thistle 2 (Baxter, Owens)
1937 Brighton 3 (Fitzgerald, S.Fraser, Peters) Prahran City 1 (Baxter)
1938 Nobels 2 (Lyons 2) Hakoah 2 (Forrest 2)
         Nobels 3 (Lyons, Campbell, Robb) Hakoah 2 (Forrest, Yaffe)
1939 Nobels 6 (Lyons 3, Johnstone, P.Young, Campbell) Prahran 1 (T.McCluskey)
1940 Nobels 5 (Douglas 2, Johnstone, Campbell, P.Young) South Yarra 1 (Flintham)
1941 Moreland 1 (Mackey) Prahran City 0
1942 Prahran City A 3 (Glasson 2, H.Gray) Moreland-Hakoah 0
1943 Brighton 2 (Sierakowski, Sharp) Moreland-Hakoah 2 (McIver 2)
         Brighton 3 (Sierakowski 2, Sharp) Moreland-Hakoah 2 (Higgins, McIver)
1944 Brighton 3 (Pritchard 3) R.A.A.F. Laverton 0
1945 Moreland-Hakoah 6 (Wells 4, Kellet, Mackie) Box Hill 1 (Bergner)
1946 Prahran City 3 (Baxter 2, Honey) Moreland 2 (Gray 2)
1947 South Yarra 2 (Hayden, Johnson) Park Rangers 1 (Cottrell)
1948 Park Rangers 4 (Wilson 2, Forrest, Cotterill)
         South Yarra 3 (Hawkes, Sharman, Stoddardt)
1949 Park Rangers 2 (Gillies, Mulcahy) South Yarra 1 (Sharman)
1950 Moreland 2 (Sharp, Greenslades) Box Hill 0
1951 J.U.S.T. 1 (Roubel) Brighton 0
1952 Brighton 5 (Barr, Wilson, McKenzie 2, Devlin) Juventus 0
1953 Hakoah 2 (Kodak, Kurzwell) Brighton 1 (McKenzie)
1954 Hakoah 7 (Gottesman 4, Rice, Thomas, Sutherland) Footscray City 1 (Glennie)
1955 Hakoah 1 (Sutherland) Polonia 1 (Schipperheyn)
         Hakoah 2 (Gottesman, Piercey) Polonia 0
1956 Hakoah 2 (Sutherland, Pynt) Brighton 0
1957 Moreland 2 (Hodgson, Loughran) Juventus 1 (Aranyi)
1958 Wilhelmina 2 (Mathyssen, de Bruyckere) Juventus 2 (Bottari 2)
         Wilhelmina 3 (Yntema, Keuken, Luyten) Juventus 0
1959 George Cross 2 (T.Vella, Copeland) Hakoah 2 (Artner 2)
         George Cross 3 (McVean 2, Georgoussis) Hakoah 1 (Petersen)
1960 Juventus 3 (Bottari, Barbazza 2) Hakoah 1 (McInroy)
1961 Polonia 4 (Jurecki 2, Gross, Marusziewicz) George Cross 2 (Copeland)
1962 George Cross 3 (Gibb 2, Abela) Hakoah 0
1963 J.U.S.T. 4 (Pikl 2, Stankovic, Pejovic) Polonia 2 (Jurecki, Jankowski)
1964 Slavia 1 (Harper) J.U.S.T. 0
1965 Slavia 1 (Laraman) Croatia 0
1966 Hakoah 4 (Fry, Purdie, Monan, O.G.) Slavia 2 (Reid, Shepherd)
1967 Port Melbourne Slavia 4 (Goodwin, Reid, Jurecki, Livingstone)
         South Melbourne Hellas 0
1968 Croatia 1 (Mackay) South Melbourne Hellas 1 (Gorrie) After extra-time
         Croatia 1 (McIntyre) South Melbourne Hellas 0
1969 Croatia 3 (Mackay 2, Vojtek) Juventus 1 (De Marchi)
1970 Juventus 2 (Irvine, Thomson) South Melbourne Hellas 0
1971 Juventus 2 (De Marchi, Thomson) Footscray J.U.S.T. 0 After extra-time
1972 Juventus 0 George Cross 0
         Juventus 2 (De Marchi 2) George Cross 1 (Gardiner)
1973 Hakoah-St Kilda 1 (Micevski) Fitzroy United Alexander 0
1974 South Melbourne Hellas 4 (Marshall, Armstrong, Nechvoglod, Bourne)
         Ringwood City Wilhelmina 1 (Lynn)
1975 South Melbourne Hellas 2 (Mackay, Armstrong) Sunshine City 1 (Piotrowski)
1976 Footscray J.U.S.T. 2 (Palinkas, Buljevic) Polonia 0
1977 Juventus 0 Essendon Lions 0
         Juventus won 5-4 on penalties
1978 George Cross 3 (Reed 2, Cullen) Ringwood City 2 (O'Callaghan, Garthwaite)
1979 Essendon Croatia 2 (Batinovic 2) Frankston City 1 (Mitten) After extra-time
1980 Essendon Croatia 7 (Gardiner, Mitten 3, Tront, Gilder 2) Brunswick Juventus 0
1981 Green Gully 2 (Peter Lewis, Paul Lewis) Sunshine City 0
1982 Green Gully 3 (Paul Lewis 3) Melbourne Croatia 1 (Biskic)
1983 Melbourne Croatia 4 (Parton 2, Cumming, Latif) Box Hill 0
1984 Fawkner 3 (Garvey, Boyle, Macleod) Maribyrnong Polonia 2 (O.G., McCluskey)
         After extra-time
1985 Melbourne Croatia 2 (Ward 2) Preston Makedonia 0
1986 Green Gully 2 (Theodosopoulos, Ward) Preston Makedonia 1 (Cole)
1987 Brunswick Juventus 3 (Cullen, Zinni, Brown) Heidelberg United 1 (McKinna)
1988 South Melbourne Hellas 3 (Trimboli, Foster 2)
         Melbourne Croatia 4 (Skenderovic, Milosevic 2, Caleta)
         South Melbourne Hellas awarded the Cup on protest after Melbourne Croatia 
         fielded an ineligible player
1989 South Melbourne Hellas 1 (Trimboli) Altona Gate 0
1990 Melbourne Croatia 3 (Selemidis 2, Awaratefe)
         Brunswick United Juventus 1 (De Amicis)
1991 South Melbourne Hellas 3 (Wade 2, Tsolakis)
         Sunshine George Cross 2 (Fabrizio, Waddell)
1992 Preston Makedonia 1 (Trajanovski) South Melbourne Hellas 1 (Boutsianis)
         Preston Makedonia won 4-2 on penalties
1993 South Melbourne 6 (Boutsianis 3' Goutzioulis 9' 17' 21' Kiratzoglu 26' Tasios 51')
         Heidelberg United 2 (Vlahos 27' Tikikakis 77')
1994 Morwell Falcons 2 (Bothwell 45' Waddell 64')
         Melbourne Zebras 1 (Karkaletsis 36')
1995 South Melbourne 3 (Trimboli 36 Coveny 60' O.G. 67')
         Melbourne Knights 1 (Pondeljak 54')
1996 Melbourne Knights 4 (Spiteri 35' 84' Lapsansky 40' Tiatto 51')
         Altona Magic 2 (Georgopoulos 9' Petrevski 17')
2004 Green Gully 1 (Nastevski 83') Fawkner 0
2011 Northcote City 2 (G.Trifiro 40' Curtis 71') Melbourne Knights 0
2012 Dandenong Thunder 0 Port Melbourne 0
         Dandenong Thunder won 5-4 on penalties
2013 Green Gully 3 (A.Vargas 39' Hayne 57' 83') Dandenong Thunder 1 (Foster 78')
2014 Melbourne Knights 1 (Uskok 120+1') South Springvale 0 After extra-time
2015 South Melbourne 3 (Lujic 2, Minopoulos) Oakleigh Cannons 0
2016 Bentleigh Greens 1 (Paczkowski 92') Green Gully 0 After extra-time
2017 Heidelberg United 1 (Athiu 75') Bentleigh Greens 1 (Hatzimouratis 51')
         Heidelberg United won 5-4 on penalties
2018 Bentleigh Greens 2 (O.G. 12' Xydias 90+1') Heidelberg United 0

Friday, 26 July 2019

Manfred Gerhard Kuhn 1939-2019

Manfred Kuhn was born in Berlin in August 1939. After the Second World War his family had moved to a farm in the old German Democratic Republic (East Germany) before again moving, this time to Cologne (Koln - West Germany) before the borders with the Federal Republic of Germany were fortified in 1961.

In 1966, Manfred emigrated to Australia. He was picked up from the Bonegilla Migrant Reception Centre by a delegation from the Alemannia Richmond Soccer Club, keen to improve their playing strength after struggling since being relegated from the Victorian State League in 1963.

The club would become a central part of his new life in Australia. He would become captain by the end of the decade, and would continue to star in the first team (winning Best and Fairest as well as leading goalscorer honours) until the late 1970's. He later served as both a Secretary and Treasurer of the club well into this century, including the period when it returned to the top flight of the Victorian Premier League. Whilst becoming an administrator at Richmond SC, he did not cease playing, joining Juventus Old Boys in the Veterans competition where he continued turning out until he was in his mid-60's.

A vibrant character who loved to sing (possessing a booming, operatic voice) he was a fixture at the Saturday night dances at the German Tivoli Club. It was there he met his future wife, Anna. Having asked her to dance, he began serenading on the dancefloor. She looked around and was surprised to see no one else was batting an eyelid at his behaviour, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Manfred and Anna would go on to have two daughters, Natasha and Yolanda. He worked in insurance, and was a pillar of the local German community on more than just the soccer side. His is a great Australian migrant story, in which the sporting and ethnic social club were pivotal.

Sadly his latter years saw him suffer from dementia, leading him to stop attending games at Kevin Bartlett Reserve and finally taking his life.

He was a hard working, family man. He was fun to be around. He deserves to be long remembered.

Manfred Kuhn Funeral Booklet

Thursday, 4 July 2019


Expansion is on the agenda, of the blog not the A-League, that is.

Thanks to the ongoing contributions of George Cotsanis, Ian Syson, Damian Smith (in conjunction with the late Kevin Christopher) and Greg Stock, and the faithful reliability of the old HP Officejet Pro 8610 the library within the blog continues to grow.

The main areas of growth are within the Australian Soccer Weekly Archive. At the moment at least half a dozen new issues are added weekly, but there is still a long way to go before everything I have is scanned.

Everything below the blue page on the pile on the left has been scanned. On the pile on the right those below the blue page at the bottom and above the upper blue page have been scanned, So still a long way to go.

Thanks to Greg Stock we now have a Soccer Weekly News Archive. Soccer Weekly News was the NSWSFA magazine, and it predates any publications emanating from Victoria. Greg is also contributing NSWSFA and NSWSF Yearbooks and Handbooks, which can be found in the  Yearbooks and Annuals Archive within the History Documents page. To complement the 17 volume History of Soccer in New South Wales series of Sid Grant and Harry Hetherington, Greg has also provided Sid Grant's book The History of Coalfields Soccer, which can be found in the Books section of the History Documents Archive.

Also in the Book section is Laurie Schwab's The Socceroos and Their Opponents, scanned by Todd Giles ( @nfhistory on Twitter ). It's a book that probably surpassed Jack Pollard's Soccer Records as the great Australian football history tome of it's day.

Ian Syson recently provided me with some photocopies for scanning, which saw several more VASFA and VSF Yearbooks and Handbooks added to the Yearbooks and Annuals Archive. There were some also some early 1960's issues of Soccer News and the renamed (for one year only, Soccer Weekly) that are now in the Soccer News Archive.

There are also programmes coming through from Greg, so keep an eye on on the Programmes Archive for updates.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

The History of Soccer in New South Wales

It seems the appalling lack of decent record keeping in Australian football is not a nationwide phenomenon. Thanks to Greg Stock sending me a USB full of pure football history porn, I've seen the work of Sid Grant and Harry Hetherington in documenting NSW football history, and it is breathtaking in it's detail.

I haven't really had a chance to go through it, as there is so much there plus I've had to do a bit of work to make it more shareable. Using I converted hundreds of single jpg images into pdfs at 20 a time, then merged those pdfs into larger ones to produce the following 17 volumes.

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 1

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 2

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 3

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 4

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 5

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 6

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 7

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 8

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 9

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 10

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 11

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 12

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 13

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 14

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 15

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 16

History of Soccer in New South Wales Volume 17

Sid Grant was the man behind Jack Pollard's Soccer Records, the first book to chronicle the game in Australia to a wider audience.

The book, of course, is only a small glimpse of the records he, and later Hetherington, kept. Final tables, results grids, goalscorers, appearance records, they are all there. It's an incredible volume of work, and anyone wanting to research the history of the local game can now freely do so online.

The links will also be permanently added to the History Documents page.


Thursday, 13 June 2019

New South Wales Soccer Football

The scope of the archiving on this blog of football documents expanded beyond merely Melbourne Soccer a fair while ago now. Recently I was contacted by Greg Stock, one of the powerhouses behind the treasure trove of football history. He has sent me a bunch of scans (and one lot of photocopies to scan myself) to add a whole batch of New South Wales Soccer Football Association material to add to the Yearbooks & Annuals Archive. They can also be found in the list below:

New South Wales Soccer Football Association Annual Report 1921

New South Wales Soccer Football Association Annual Report 1922

New South Wales Soccer Football Association Annual Report 1923

New South Wales Soccer Football Association Annual Report 1924

New South Wales Soccer Football Association Annual Report 1926

New South Wales Soccer Football Association Annual Report 1927

New South Wales Soccer Football Association Annual Report 1937

New South Wales Soccer Annual 1933

New South Wales Soccer Football Association Handbook 1942

New South Wales Soccer Football Association Handbook 1947

Now I've only had the time to really get much of a look at the one I scanned, the 1947 Handbook, and what a masterpiece it is. Sid Grant sure knew how to compile records, the detail is immense. There's a huge pictorial section, all well labelled. Compare it to the simple fixture list that is the 1948 VASFA Handbook provided to me by Tony Persoglia earlier this week, and, well, there is no comparison.

It's great to be able to share these with fellow researchers and fans of soccer nostalgia. Thanks Greg and Tony for your ongoing work in preserving the game's history.