Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Victorian Regional League Websites

After deciding to add Victoria's regional leagues to the Statistical History, the first starting point for gathering the necessary data was naturally their websites. To say they were useless is probably being complementary.

The Geelong Region website is an extension of the FFV website. It has no historical section, or roll of honour of previous champions. The results section goes back as far as 2012.

The Sunraysia S-League website is also an extension of the FFV website. The last News item on this site dates back to 03/05/2018. It also has no historical section or roll of honour of previous champions. The results section goes back to 2012 though the score from the 2013 Grand Final has yet to be entered.

The Ballarat and District Soccer Association has it's own website. It's had more than one news item added this year, which is a positive compared to Sunraysia. There are some history records which go back as far as 1995, though there are several gaps of a few years in it. The results section goes back as far as 2012.

The Bendigo Amateur Soccer League site is a sportstg site. It has no historical section or roll of honour of former champions. The results section goes back as far as.... 2017.

The South West Victoria (formerly Warrnambool & District) Soccer League website is also sportstg site, with all other frills like News, Documents, History, Photos section removed. It is strictly fixtures and results, which go back to 2013 again with no final score entered for the 2016 Grand Final.

The Albury Wodonga Football Association has it's own site. News updates are frequent. There is no list roll of honour of former champions, but some historical content can be found. The results section goes back as far as 2013.

The Latrobe Valley Soccer League uses a sportstg site. It had one new news item in 2018. There is no historical section or roll of honour of previous champions. The results section goes back as far as 2016.

The Gippsland Soccer League also use a sportstg site. There's no historical content or roll of honour of former champions, and the results section goes back as far as... 2018. Yes, that far back!

Are these serious football leagues? Will some ever progress from Facebook pages to perhaps having a grown ups website? Is it any surprise that regional NPL teams have so far proven to be a burden upon the competition? Nothing about their websites suggest many of these regions are anything other than backward outposts, not worth bothering with.

Thursday, 11 October 2018

The Full Moorabbin City 1995 Photo Gallery

Moorabbin City 1995 photos, as usual click on images to enlarge:

Bruce Maclaren

Davie Fourna

Glen Davie

Mickey Maguire

Tony Hermus

Bill Gritzalis

Brian Smith

Brian Sweeney

Craig Miller

Iain Stirton

Jimmy Nelson

Mickey Kral

Ray Bryden

Steve Blair

Steve Marley

Tommy Daly

Troy Williams

Senior Team

Reserve Team

Monday, 3 September 2018

Another Housekeeping Post

Once again the great Doug Butcher has supplied me with two new booklets to share, this time covering 1950-1959. One of course covers Australian representative teams, and the other overseas teams touring in Australia. They can be found on the History Documents page.

Some other recent additions to the archive can be found on the Yearbooks and Annuals page, namely three Albury Wodonga Soccer Association Yearbooks covering 1979-1981.

There is also a new Podcast archive on the History Documents page which features episodes of The Pumpkin Seed Eaters and FNR's The Pioneers.

The what was to have been the second annual State of the Blog post has been put back to December.

By that time I hope to have completed the Soccer Action archive.

Soccer Action fans might be interested in this:

Thursday, 19 July 2018

The Encyclopedia of Socceroos

Released in the build up to the World Cup, Andrew Howe's Encyclopedia of Socceroos is a book of great importance. When commentators utter lines like "that's one for the record books" or "this will make the history books" the fact is in Australian football the record books and history books do not really exist. Luckily for us Howe is leading the way in attempting to redress this situation.

The premise is simple, a listing of small biographies of Socceroos that have played "A" internationals. It's not a book that you would read from cover to cover in order, more one you may pick through in stages. Some will head to the players they know first, or those from their club. Others may be inclined to read about the names they had never heard of first. The presentation is brilliant, which is a challenge in sections where there can be as much data as there is prose.

Ray Gatt does a great job in profiling our World Cup captains, adding depth to their stories in a manner their position deserves. Though these stories have been told before, there are a few new insights and the retrospective appraisal of their careers is right on the mark.

Again the data-laden appendices are presented in the brightest manner possible. It is here the trends of team composition are established in fact, not myth.

I appreciated little touches in acknowledging events that should be part of our football folklore, such as including the name of Bill Siavalas as the man who intervene to save Alan Davidson's life at Middle Park. Most of all I enjoyed reading more about the names I have read from the pre-WWII days in Melbourne but knew little about. George Bristow also going by the name of Tom clears some confusion. George Raitt being at Huddersfield Town. Jim Robison hailing from Northumberland (okay, should have figured that out given his first Melbourne club was Northumberland and Durham United). Aku Roth being in the fur trade. The use of Dockerty Cup Final appearances to illustrate Johnny Orr's significance (9 appearances in 14 years, 5 wins).

There are a few errors here and there, which is to be expected in such a large undertaking and given the lack of proper record-keeping and biographical histories kept by previous generations. Hopefully there will be future editions where these can be ironed out.

It's a book every Australian football fan should possess. The cover sums it up, the badge on the shirt. People should honour those that have worn it by reading and learning a bit about those who did so before their time. Our game does have a history, and we should be more proud of it.

It truly is a tome worthy of what it has set out to achieve. It's a book every football club should show their juniors and challenge them to be a part of future editions.

Thursday, 7 June 2018

Randomish Pictures

It's been a while since these:

so here a some more pictures:

Moorabbin City 1995. I have a better quality one without the labelling, but it's too big to upload. 

Moorabbin City, possibly 1976, maybe 1975. Same as above re quality and labelling.

The first regional club to win the Victorian top flight was Yallourn in 1951. I love a great big championship pennant.

Preston Lions 2005, taken from one of those poster/calendar/advertising things. I like those things as well.

Future Richmond coaches Futera trading cards part 1, Dougie Hodgson.

Part 2, the back of the card.

Part 3, Michael Chatzitrifonos.

Part 4, the back of Chatz's card.

An early Australian Soccer Federation emblem.

Richmond 2010 at AAMI Park before a friendly v Melbourne Heart.

                                   (Click on images to enlarge)

Friday, 25 May 2018

Soccer Action Update

Having come across the blog, and having read The United Appeal For The Missing Issues, a top bloke called Steve Delmenico has loaned me 40 old issues of Soccer Action. These have all now been copied and scanned, and over the next month I will be adding the 10 new links for these issues every Friday to the Soccer Action Archive.

This now leaves just 8 issues of Soccer Action to be found to complete the online archive.

Those issues are:

1976 -   February 4   March 31

1981 -   July 22 (only need pages 3,4,13 and 14 of this one)

1985 -   September 4

1986 -  April 9   May 14   July 16 (only need pages 1,2,15 and 16 of this one)   October 8

Hopefully there are some other legends out there and this mammoth project can soon be complete.

It may not have been his dream, but I'm sure Ratko would have liked to see this archive completed. I think he's still alive actually. Anyway, let's find those last 8 issues.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Free Hat!

I've shared a few folders on Twitter that I've not added to the blog yet, largely because they are things that I'm constantly working on and updating.

The Australian Soccer Clubs Team Photos Folder

This is a collection of team photos of Australian club, state and representative teams.

Some come from websites, some come from Twitter. They were obtained by the old click the right mouse button and save file as method. Some came from the Goal! Weekly online archive. That involved pressing print screen, then opening MS Paint and pressing paste before cutting, cropping and minor editing. I took the Richmond ones with the Bitburger Beer advertising banner myself. The Richmond photos at AAMI Park for a friendly against Melbourne Heart were taken with my camera, by Gerd Steinborn. Other pics were scanned from newspapers, yearbooks and magazines. A few more were taken from newspapers on Trove via the print screen and MS Paint method. Some more of the Richmond ones involved taking photos off the walls, out of the frames and scanning before putting them back together.

The Socceroos Team Photos Folder

National team photo folder. A few of these came from photos taken by George Cotsanis from other people's collections.

The Clip Art Folder

I've been collecting football clip art since my programme editing days. Thanks to the Miles Maclagan programme scans I'm always adding to this, using the print screen button with MS Paint method.

The Club Emblems Folder

Most of these are easily found on federation and club websites, or google. Some of the older ones were scanned from yearbooks, magazines, programmes or letterheads.

The Emblems and Logos Folder

These emblems and logos are of football sponsors and governing bodies or competitions. As above, many available on the net with a few scanned from publications.

Feel free to save to your hard drive and share with anyone you think may get something out of them.