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  1. Love the Soccer World yearbooks, hopefully you can come across some more

  2. Mark
    I am writing a history of Knox City. I am trying to document details of every match the club has played. So far, I have documented 1,398 league matches out of 1,440 played but having searched high and low I am unable to find the individual results for 1987 Victorian/Metropolitan League Division One. I know the club won 14 drew 5 lost 7 and Craig MacKenzie has given me the first two results but Soccer Action ceased after the second game.
    I am also missing the 1955 Metropolitan League North Division results. I know that Bayswater won 9 and lost 7 but cannot find any scores.
    Are you able to help or point me in the right direction.
    Bruce Darnell

    1. Hi Bruce,
      Google has a some issues of The Age online here:
      but it is not complete. From that I have managed to get some results, as well as the Cup scores on
      Unfortunately I haven't come across the VSF Yearbook for that year yet, so I don't have the fixtures. Using the online Age from google, this is what I've found for 1987:

      The ? next to the dates are because without fixtures I can't tell which games were on Saturday and which were on Sunday.

      From some photos I took from the MCC Library collection of Soccer News, I got some results and a few fixtures for 1955, as well as the Cup details found on
      This is what I found for 1955:

      The rest will lie in the newspaper archives at the State Library. For 1955 the Saturday Sporting Globe would be a good option. Sadly for copyright reasons the online Sporting Globes on Trove cease at 1954. For 1987 The Age and The Sun archives at SLV will have the rest of those results.


    2. I'm afraid you will have to cut and paste those links as they do not seem to work in the comments section.

    3. Mark
      I cannot thank you enough for what you have provided. Between you, Craig MacKenzie and John Punshon I now only need 20 more results to complete the entire record of Bayswater/Knox City from 1954 to date. Roy Hay has also given me some pointers as to where I might find some more results.
      On another note, I see in your club programme section you have a couple of Nunawading City match programmes from the mid 1980s. I used to produce these on an old fashioned typewriter and then photo copy them at work. After I left Nunawading I later gave the club a bound copy of every programme I had created. I have no idea whether the club still has them. In the early 2000s I also produced match programmes (as well as weekly e-newsletters sent to every club member) for Knox City. I will make sure you get a copy of the updated Knox City History when it is published.

  3. I have one of your missing official year books 1961