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The Minutes of 105 Minutes of the VSF Board of Management, 1990

Whilst making some shelf space in the office at Kevin Bartlett Reserve last year, I came across many lever arch folders containing VSF correspondence from across the 1980's and 1990's. Back then Management Committees comprising of members elected from various club nominees, and the entire VSF Board would set the agenda for the Executive Director and his VSF staff to follow. It seems a bit more transparent than today's FFV, with minutes recorded and sent to all clubs.

So here is my review of the Minutes of a Board of Management Meeting held at Soccer House on Tuesday 24th April 1990 at 6.00 pm.

Those present were the VSF Chairman, Cav V.Cilauro (Santo's old man), and Board of Management Members (Messrs J.Docherty, A.Cikoja, N.Love, T.Bailey, L.Strafrace, G.Vasilopoulos, G.Zafiropoulos and P.Karak) as well as Mr J.Dimtsis (VSF President), Mrs A.McPhee and Mr J.Kriaris (VSF Vice Presidents), Messrs E.Heath and A.Kovac (VSF Patrons) and Mr M.Weinstein (VSF Honorary Life President). In attendance was Premier League Management Committee Chairperson Mrs L.De Marchi. Mr J.Branov had taken a Leave of Absence.

The first order and resolution of the meeting was to receive and adopt the minutes of the Board of Management Meeting from the 10th of April.

The Executive Director's Report began with an Obituary for the passing of noted former soccer journalist and player Mr Alex Barr. Mr Eric Heath had represented the Federation at the funeral. The Executive Director stated the Sunraysia Soccer Association was organising a Soccer Carnival for late September with further details to be forwarded to the Federation in due course. A full report on the Vic Health Super Clinic held at Olympic Park (attended by 150 junior players) was to be submitted to the Board by the State Director of Coaching.

Item iv) was a disciplinary matter, with Provisional League Division One club Westmeadows SC having been expelled from the Federation. The case was still subject to appeal. A media function was to be held on Monday 30th of April at Vassilis's Restaurant in Abbotsford, with all members of the Board of Management invited to attend. A verbal report was given of the business discussed by the Tours Sub Committee on the forthcoming International Game between Australia v Hajduk Split in Melbourne on Wednesday 6th June 1990. It was resolved that Mr J.Docherty would the Liaison Officer for the Australian Team and Mr A.Cikoja perform the same role for Hajduk Split.

The Executive Director stated the reasons for the non-attendance of a referee at the St Albans v Melbourne J..U.S.T. game. I am assuming it was he feared for his life, as the reason stated is not recorded.

The Chairman's Report briefed everyone on forthcoming meetings with the ASF. He was impressed by the arrangements made at a Media Conference arranged by the NSL for the NSL Cup Final, and thanked Mr Strafrace for standing in for him during the period of time that he was ill. He then proposed a television show called Santo, Sam and Ed's NSL Cup Fever. Or I just made that up.

Minutes from the 10th of April Promotion/Marketing Sub Committee Meeting were received. Matters arising resolved that estimated expenditure of $30,000 was required for the Gold Medal Presentation and this was endorsed. Liaison Officers for sponsorships were allocated thus: Vic Health Promotion Foundation - Messrs V.Cilauro/G.Wallace Admiral - Mr J.Docherty Mitre - Mr J.Kriaris Travel - Mr A.Cikoja.

Then there was more minutes spent on minutes from the Junior League Management Comittee. A sub rule regarding Voting Structures for the Member Clubs General Metting due on May 3rd was replaced.

Incoming  Correspondence was then discussed. Mr P.Gude, MP's updating of Liberal Party Sport and Recreation Policy was to be dealt with by the Executive Director. The Media Statements from the NSWSF were Noted. The Executive Director was also to take action on the letter from Lambert Bain regarding the VSF Public Liability Policy.

Action had already been taken on the Advice Amendments to Rules (Nominee Members) from Williams, Winters & Higgs. Myrtleford SC requested for permission to play in the Albury Wodonga League, with the club to be referred to correspondence already sent on the matter.

The RSL acknowledged the Donations for Anzac Day Games. The CLSA correspondence about sponsorship for the 1990 Country League Championship was referred to the next meeting. Notification of the ASF Executive Meeting on Friday 18th May was Noted, as was the Resignation of Federation's President from NSWSF. Athletic Echo Publications requested for adverts for Vic Health etc and this was to be referred to the Promotion/Marketing Sub Committee. Mr S.Radojevic was requesting a change of player status, and he was granted permission to change from Non Amateur to Amateur Player Status provided that all Resolutions of the Federation as applicable for such a change of player status are met.

The Aussie Sportsfund Training Camp letter from Sport & Recreation Victoria was Noted, as was a request from South Springvale SC to fill a vacancy in Provisional League Division One. The Executive Director was to take action on the Minister for Sport & Recreation's correspondence regarding Anzac Day Games.

The meeting closed at 7.45 pm. The minutes were signed by the Executive Director, G.F.Wallace.

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