Thursday, 18 July 2013

Allo Allo Allo

What 'ave we 'ere?

Is revolution in the air? Will it actually amount to anything? Hopefully it does, as reform is sorely needed.

From their Candidate Statement, I like this:

As a Zone Representative I undertake to convene two meetings
annually inviting all the clubs within the Zone to drive and develop the direction within which
we wish to collectively head.
It sounds a touch more genuine than the current consultative processes undertaken by the FFV. Also it seems that their Zone Representatives would be maintaining more of a profile than the incumbents, who have well and truly earned the "faceless men" tag often attached to them.

 Ensure there is accountability on governance and financial performance of the organisation.
Again, a welcome change from the current regime. Appointing a temporary CEO who is an accountant does not make one accountable...

Their overall background page pretty much nails the main concerns of the critics of the current FFV.  Reform is needed. What the FFV passes off as Consultation is the biggest sham since Sham, the horse that ran second to the mighty Secretariat in the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes of 1973. Governance is also an issue, who is running the show at the moment - the faceless men making up the Zone Reps or is the tail wagging the dog with the FFV staff calling the shots? Accountability has long been an issue, as we know Goal! Weekly had its funding withdrawn because columnists and editorial content dared to question some of the decisions of the FFV.

The results of the upcoming elections are eagerly anticipated.

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