Monday, 14 April 2014

The Victorian State Team

The following is a link to the file of what I have gathered on the history of the Victorian state soccer team:

Beginning in 1883 with a clash against New South Wales, the early games were in fact colonial representative teams. Federation in 1901 saw interstate football replace intercolonial football.

Matches missing full details are italicised. Random notes are in bold.

To start with, I looked at the list of results for interstate matches published in the VSF Yearbooks of the late 1990's. There is also a list of interstate matches contained in the book Jack Pollard's Soccer Records. So I'm pretty sure that in terms of games against other states, there is a solid framework of the history even if there are still plenty of details to be filled in.

For games against touring club and international teams, I've used what can be found on OzFootball and in the pages of the aforementioned Jack Pollard's Soccer Records. These are not complete, and additional information about fixtures has come from a search of the Trove online archives (great prior to the mid-1950's, not so good after that) as well as going through (incomplete) collections of Soccer News, Soccer Action, Soccer World and snippets in some VSF Yearbooks.

Having a look at interstate Federation websites, they have as little to offer as the FFV's. I believe there are books on the history of football in Tasmania and Western Australia, and perhaps these may have some information to add to the details of the fixtures and scores we already have.

If anyone has any information they can share, please get in touch. Share the link to the blog around, I'm sure a lot of the former Victorian players out there would love to have a tangible record of their efforts playing in the famous navy blue shirt it was an honour to wear.

Finally, a couple of videos which feature the 1995 home game against South Australia. Michael Zappone is featured in a rare commentary role, the venue being Box Hill's Wembley Park.


  1. Some details/discrepancies from Chris Hudson's 'Century of Tasmanian Soccer', includes only Tassie goalscorers

    Victoria 8 Tasmania 1 (Pratt), at MCG

    In the 4-2 game, Hudson has Vout as one of Tassie's two goalscorers, as opposed to both being by Honeysett

    In the 2-2 game, Hudson has it at Hindmarsh (is that the Kilburn ground?), and has Arnott and and Alexander as the scorers

    Interestingly, Hudson has missed this game, listing only two games against South Australia.

    Venue was Olympic Park, Tassie scorer E. Huddlestone

    Victoria 2 Tasmania 1 (J. Compagne, penalty) at KGV Soccer Park Glenorchy.

    1. 1954 was an Interstate Carnival. Thursday and Friday were triple headers all at Norwood Oval. Saturday saw the action moved to Kensington Oval, Sunday at BTM Oval, Kilburn. It concluded on the Monday at Norwood Oval. There is a bit of distance between Kilburn and Hindmarsh, doubt it is the same place.

  2. 2009 - 125th anniversary match, Saturday 18 September, Wanderers Oval, Newcastle

    Northern New South Wales 2 Victoria 3

    NNSW lineup included: Ryan Clarke, John Majurovski (1 goal), Peter Haynes (1 goal from penalty), Troy Halpin (capt), coach: Peter McGuinness

    Victoria lineup included: Graham Hockless, Trent Rixon Jerry Karpeh (all scored one each),

    Joseph Youssef, Ramazan Tavsancioglu, Steven O'Dor were all called up to the squad, but not sure if they played.