Monday, 3 August 2015

Random Videos III: More Random Than Last Time

Another mix of recently uploaded full-length games, a dig into the archives, and some off topic videos.

The 1995-96 NSL Grand Final, won by the mighty Melbourne Knights. It made it consecutive Championships for the Knights, Andrew Marth and Adrian Cervinski with the goals.

A friendly between Australia and Japan from Bob Jane Stadium in February 1996. It was a comfortable win for Eddie Thomson's side, against opposition which included future Sydney FC player Kazuyoshi Miura.

The 1995 Dockerty Cup Final between Melbourne Knights and South Melbourne, in two parts (YouTube used to have restrictions). The current Knights coaching staff were still playing, along with greats like Fausto de Amicis, Ante Kovacevic, Mark Silic, Danny Tiatto and Joe Spiteri. Frank Arok led his South team to the Cup, featuring stars like Mike Petersen, Paul Trimboli, Vaughan Coveney, Michael Curcija and youngsters Bill Damianos and Tansel Baser.

One of the greatest sporting achievements of all time, Makoto Nagano completes a Total Victory on Sasuke to become the Ninja Warrior.

Some of Noddy Holder's finest work in fronting Slade - Coz I Luv You. Only the greatest of bands know how to incorporate a violin.

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