Saturday, 18 July 2015

Random Videos II: Less Random, More Videos

Both legs of the 2002 World Cup Qualification Play-Offs from November 2001. Narrow win at the MCG, disaster in Montevideo. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

VPL action from 2003. The late Whittlesea Stallions (including cut-off interview with Phil Stubbins) against Preston Lions (future Socceroo Sash Ognenovski with a goal) at Epping Stadium (with a crowd).

There is footage missing in the Essendon Royals v Bentleigh Greens clip, but the goals are repeated in the post-game review. Played at the old Reggio Calabria Club.

Great crowd at Jack Edwards Reserve in 2003 for State League Division One action between Oakleigh Cannons and Heidelberg United. The second video sees Western Suburbs take absolute liberties with Kingston City in the same league.

The Scottish pop classic this time around is Aztec Camera's Somewhere In My Heart. Black and white retro in the 1980's was the epitome of artistic.

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