Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Even More Random Pictures

First, a photo of the German team from the junior/reserves edition of the 1958 Laidlaw World Cup.

Back Row: Werner Klein, Werner Bormann, Matze Landherr, Ralf Eggert, Franz Marth, Guenter Weiland, Guenter Gerick.
Front Row: Bodo Bormann, Kurt Goettlicher, Erich Bartkowiak, Heinz Duecker.

Your 1994 VPL Champions - Preston Lions. From the short-lived Shoot Australia.

Frank Juric, also from Shoot Australia. Shoot Australia was 4 or 8 pages of Aussie content tacked into the middle of the regular UK edition of Shoot! magazine.

Wynton Rufer, from a proper vintage UK Shoot!

Two class acts, Milan Ivanovic and Josip Biskic. From Shoot Australia.

Mark Bosnich answers some questions for Shoot! And disses Billy Ray Cyrus.

Coin toss before a Laidlaw World Cup clash featuring Germany at Olympic Park. In the background is the Eastern Stand before it had a roof put on it.

Craig Johnston, about to surf for England. From the Classic Headliners section of 90 Minutes magazine.

And the final picture is also another 90 Minutes Classic Headliner:

                                                R.I.P. Johan Cruyff 1947-2016

                                                 (Click on images to enlarge)

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