Sunday, 5 March 2017

Frankston's Soccer News Treasure Chest

A week or so ago I was exploring new avenues at finding more details from football's past, and finally got a promising result when I entered "Victorian soccer" into a search box on the Frankston Library website.

Item 3 looked interesting enough, and examining it's contents revealed that it did indeed contain gold.

                                              (Click on images to enlarge)

Mr Albert Piggott was a great man. He gave the Library a collection of Soccer News magazines, Frankston match programmes, newspaper clippings and scraps of paper with the Frankston team's line-ups for matches.

I've paid one quick visit to look at the collection, and will need more time to go through it. All I had time to do was exhaust the photocopier in copying 10 issues of Soccer News and 2 match programmes for scanning and uploading to the blog.

The 1951 Soccer News issues are from an exciting time with an English F.A. side touring the country, it was as big time as soccer got back then. The rise of the "New Australian" clubs was about to begin, with J.U.S.T. and Juventus knocking on the door of the First Division and George Cross, Polonia, White Eagles, Olympic and Macedonians all in existence.

The new issues added are as follows:


May 9

May 19

May 26

June 16

June 23

June 30

July 14

July 28

August 11


May 24

The match programmes are:


Frankston v Moorabbin City - August 4

Frankston v Park Rangers - August 18

The Soccer News issues have been added to the Soccer News Archive.

The match programmes are being housed in the History Documents section.

All the videos I've converted lately have now been uploaded to YouTube and can be found in the Video Archive section as well.


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