Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Boo Reviews Some More Yearbooks

Another batch of VSF Yearbooks have been scanned and uploaded, so time for another review.

Not a VSF Yearbook, it's the Australian Soccer Yearbook

Australian Soccer Year Book 1963

Or more accurately, the Soccer World Yearbook for 1963. This is a treat, a wonderful record of the season in NSW and pretty good coverage of other states. All the line-ups for the interstate championship and Australia Cup are there and player appearances for the NSW top tier. The great names leap from every page, Marston, Baumgartner, the brothers Ninaus, Jaros, Warren, Watkiss etc

Not a VSF Yearbook, it's some Queensland Soccer Federation Yearbooks

Queensland Soccer Federation Yearbook 1968

Queensland Soccer Federation Yearbook 1969

These are also great, up there with the early 1960's VSF Yearbooks and better than what the VSF was offering at the time.

About to enter the Golden Age, the 1974 VSF Yearbook

1974 VSF Yearbook

The new World Cup trophy on the cover. All the framework for the classic Yearbooks of 1976-78 are there without the fancy extras. Lots of fixtures, tables and cup charts.

From the top shelf, the 1976 VSF Yearbook

1976 VSF Yearbook

Another trophy on the cover, this time it's the Rothman's State League Championship Trophy. Tons of fixtures and tables. There's results grids and cup charts, and a list of VSF Cup Finals for the year prior. There's a list of the state team games from a tour of New Caledonia, and the Bendigo League gets a mention.

Returning to the Dark Ages, the 1980 VSF Yearbook

1980 VSF Yearbook

Plain, lame cover. Fixtures and club contacts book, more like. Not even tables from the previous year, let alone results grids or cup charts. Nothing about the juniors. A few pictures and the state team line-ups for the season the only highlights. Pocket sized, but no pocket rocket like the 1960's VASFA versions.

Same crap as the year before, the 1981 VSF Yearbook

1981 VSF Yearbook

Did Oliver Twist ask for some more slop? It's delivered here in spades, another shocker with the plain lame cover now a signature for mediocrity.

Page size is bigger, just makes it a bigger waste of space, the 1983 VSF Yearbook

1983 VSF Yearbook

The pocked size has been increased a bit, but the plain, lame cover offers the same dire content as it's 1980's predecessors. Scanning it made me sad.


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