Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Any chance of an explanation?

There's been a bit of debate about the FFA's National Club Identity Policy. Those who support it have pointed out that it is not being applied retrospectively, often ignoring that previous purges from the governing bodies have already seen clubs forced into changing parts of their identity (names and emblems). South Melbourne Hellas became just South Melbourne, Melbourne Croatia became Melbourne Knights, Heidelberg Alexander became Heidelberg United and the list goes on. Marconi were forced to remove the colours of the Italian flag that were on the boomerang in their emblem.

Which is why I was surprised to see this recently:

Under changes forced on other clubs by the VSF years ago, the name Maccabi appearing on this website, and the star featured in the emblem would contravene FFV rules of competition.

Here's an explanation from the FFV's Maxwell Gratton from 2007:

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As highlighted by the FFV, the name "Alemannia" appearing alongside the club name and in the version of the club emblem was unacceptable. It poses the question as to whether the FFV discriminates against some clubs in how it enforces it's rules.

When I started Richmond Alemannia Magazine in 2002, the Alemannia name had officially been removed for many years. Even in the 1960's, the club generally appeared on league tables as just Richmond. I put the name in the title as a tribute to the tradition of the club, not in any attempt to spread German nationalism. It was as much a fanzine at times as a programme.

You may note the date on the letter is March 22nd, 2007. It arrived on the day of a home game against Essendon Royals, when 150 copies of that week's magazine had been printed and stapled. As a result of the letter, these were not allowed to be distributed. Annoying, but is any club volunteer not really wasting time that could be better spent elsewhere anyway?

So I tweeted the official FFV account to ask for an explanation. Could I be mistaken in my assumption that the rules are not being applied consistently? I'm willing to be convinced, but as yet there are no takers.


  1. And how about Sydney City Hakoah in the FFA Cup?!

  2. After tweeting a link to this blog to Football Federation Victoria once a day for the last week, and once to the Head of NPLV, it appears that they are unable to try and provide an explanation for the inconsistency in how rules regarding ethnic references are applied. So much for the transparency promised under "Openness" in their core vales.

  3. having to play on sundays because of their religious beliefs, what a load of millarky!