Tuesday, 26 August 2014

NSL Transfer List 1989

1989 NSL Transfer List

The file above contains a list of player's "open to transfer" from NSL clubs in 1989. Even not allowing for inflation, there are some expensive cattle among them.

On the Sunshine George Cross list, current NPLV coaches Andrew Marth and Chris Taylor are listed side by side. The first two on Melbourne Croatia's list have both had sons go on to play for the club.

St George B.S.C, (they were being discrete with the name Budapest by this stage) rated Scotty Ollerenshaw ($75,000) and Andy Koczka ($60,000) way above Andy Harper ($15,000).

A young Craig Foster was priced at just $15,000 with his nemesis Robbie Slater valued at a whopping $150,000 by Sydney Croatia. Don't reckon that burns?

Sydney Olympic and Wollongong City seem to have their whole squads open for inspection. Alistair Edwards could be had for $50,000 with Steve Georgakis their most expensive at $100,000. Wollongong's Jimmy Srbinovski had $150 on his head, why not just list him as FREE?

Adelaide City put up David Clarkson for $10,000. Wollongong's Pat Brodnik was listed at $15,000. Can anyone remember if he didn't play on Saturdays due to religious reasons? Caveat emptor if that was the case.

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