Saturday, 12 May 2018

Free Hat!

I've shared a few folders on Twitter that I've not added to the blog yet, largely because they are things that I'm constantly working on and updating.

The Australian Soccer Clubs Team Photos Folder

This is a collection of team photos of Australian club, state and representative teams.

Some come from websites, some come from Twitter. They were obtained by the old click the right mouse button and save file as method. Some came from the Goal! Weekly online archive. That involved pressing print screen, then opening MS Paint and pressing paste before cutting, cropping and minor editing. I took the Richmond ones with the Bitburger Beer advertising banner myself. The Richmond photos at AAMI Park for a friendly against Melbourne Heart were taken with my camera, by Gerd Steinborn. Other pics were scanned from newspapers, yearbooks and magazines. A few more were taken from newspapers on Trove via the print screen and MS Paint method. Some more of the Richmond ones involved taking photos off the walls, out of the frames and scanning before putting them back together.

The Socceroos Team Photos Folder

National team photo folder. A few of these came from photos taken by George Cotsanis from other people's collections.

The Clip Art Folder

I've been collecting football clip art since my programme editing days. Thanks to the Miles Maclagan programme scans I'm always adding to this, using the print screen button with MS Paint method.

The Club Emblems Folder

Most of these are easily found on federation and club websites, or google. Some of the older ones were scanned from yearbooks, magazines, programmes or letterheads.

The Emblems and Logos Folder

These emblems and logos are of football sponsors and governing bodies or competitions. As above, many available on the net with a few scanned from publications.

Feel free to save to your hard drive and share with anyone you think may get something out of them.

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