Friday, 25 May 2018

Soccer Action Update

Having come across the blog, and having read The United Appeal For The Missing Issues, a top bloke called Steve Delmenico has loaned me 40 old issues of Soccer Action. These have all now been copied and scanned, and over the next month I will be adding the 10 new links for these issues every Friday to the Soccer Action Archive.

This now leaves just 8 issues of Soccer Action to be found to complete the online archive.

Those issues are:

1976 -   February 4   March 31

1981 -   July 22 (only need pages 3,4,13 and 14 of this one)

1985 -   September 4

1986 -  April 9   May 14   July 16 (only need pages 1,2,15 and 16 of this one)   October 8

Hopefully there are some other legends out there and this mammoth project can soon be complete.

It may not have been his dream, but I'm sure Ratko would have liked to see this archive completed. I think he's still alive actually. Anyway, let's find those last 8 issues.