Thursday, 7 June 2018

Randomish Pictures

It's been a while since these:

so here a some more pictures:

Moorabbin City 1995. I have a better quality one without the labelling, but it's too big to upload. 

Moorabbin City, possibly 1976, maybe 1975. Same as above re quality and labelling.

The first regional club to win the Victorian top flight was Yallourn in 1951. I love a great big championship pennant.

Preston Lions 2005, taken from one of those poster/calendar/advertising things. I like those things as well.

Future Richmond coaches Futera trading cards part 1, Dougie Hodgson.

Part 2, the back of the card.

Part 3, Michael Chatzitrifonos.

Part 4, the back of Chatz's card.

An early Australian Soccer Federation emblem.

Richmond 2010 at AAMI Park before a friendly v Melbourne Heart.

                                   (Click on images to enlarge)